The extra junk in your house can be a hassle to deal with. That is why it’s important you find ways to keep the extra clutter at bay. The following are 6 easy tips for dealing with extra junk that will help you stay organized and reduce stress!

Get Rid Of Old Clothes, Shoes, And Books

Allowing extra clothes, shoes, and books to pile up can make a house feel cluttered. Instead of hanging on to old items that you aren’t using anymore, it’s better to donate or sell them. Cleaning out your closet will not only get rid of extra junk but allow you space for new things!

If selling isn’t an option consider donating the clothing instead.

By donating these extra objects you are giving back while also decluttering your home in one shot! If there is absolutely no way for you to give away extra books try swapping with friends or selling them at a garage sale- just remember when selling ensure all materials/copyrights have been removed from ebooks before listing online!

When deciding what gets thrown out be sure to prioritize what you use on a regular basis. Think about storage, whether you maybe need storage services from someone like Mammoth Self Store that will help you with everything from unit sizes to packing tips to make storage a lot easier! If it’s been years since you’ve read that extra book or worn those extra clothes – chances are they aren’t coming back into your life anytime soon!

Clean Up After Yourself

Don’t leave dishes in the sink or dirty clothes lying around the house. Leaving extra junk in your house can make it feel cramped and disorganized! If you have a bad habit of leaving extra objects around the home consider setting up a daily cleaning schedule to get into good habits early on.

If you’re finding this difficult try enlisting help from family members or roommates that are willing to pitch in with keeping extra clutter at bay around the house! This way everyone is responsible for cleaning after themselves, which will keep things running smoothly.

When it comes time to clean be sure not to give yourself extra stress by trying to do too much – stick with small manageable tasks like dishes and laundry when doing deep cleans so they don’t become overwhelming chores!

Install A New Mailbox That Matches Your Home’s Exterior Design

Putting up a new mailbox that matches the exterior design of your home will keep things looking neat while also preventing mail from being lost or forgotten about. When installing a new mailbox consider having someone help you so they can hold it steady as you attach screws, nails, etc. If need be ask for help from friends or family members who are able – this way everyone gets involved with keeping extra objects at bay around the house!

If putting up a new mailbox isn’t an option try using colored folders inside your current one instead – make different colors for each person living in the house so you don’t get mail mixed up!

Add An Outdoor Rug To Create More Space For Relaxing Outside

When adding an extra rug to any outdoor area be sure not to place it too close to the house so people don’t slip and fall on wet grass- stick with a safe distance away instead. If this is impossible due to space limitations try hanging up extra towels or other objects nearby that can act as barriers!

Replace All Your Light Bulbs With LED Lights For Energy Efficiency And Lower Power Bills

When replacing extra light bulbs be sure to have a partner or friend nearby so they can hold the ladder steady for you – this prevents dangerous falls and makes it much easier to reach hard spots! If need be enlisting extra help from family members is always an option so everyone pitches in when keeping extra objects at bay around your home!

If installing LED lights isn’t an option try making use of natural lighting instead – open curtains during sunny days, keep blinds closed on cloudy days, etc. This way you can save up on electricity without losing out on brightness inside your house!

Hire A Professional Organizer If You Need Help Clearing Out More Than Just One Room

If extra objects have made it into more than just your living room, bedroom, etc. consider hiring a professional organizer to help you manage the extra belongings in your house.

Professional organizers can be found online or through word of mouth – ask friends and family if they know anyone who is good at organizing that might be willing to come over for an hour or two!

We hope you’ve found some good ideas for how to deal with the extra junk in your house. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to hire a professional organizer who can help clear out more than just one room at a time! At least now when friends and family come over, they won’t be as embarrassed by all those boxes of old clothes that are piling up on the floor next to your closet door because we will have helped make sure everything is neat and tidy before their arrival. You deserve it!