In a home, there are always many issues that come up during your stay. We have to always fix stuff in different rooms in the home, and many times, the costs run into thousands of dollars. 

One of the places in the homes that are always prone to issues is the bathroom. As a homeowner, it is almost inevitable that you have bathroom issues, and while they can be ignored, sometimes you should fix them before the costs accrue.

Sometimes you wish you had a landlord that you could just call and get the issue fixed, but one of the responsibilities of owning a home is fixing the issues that occur in the home before they lead to even more issues and ruin a part of your home. 

Bathroom issues are one of them, and there is always the temptation to call a plumber, but before that, you can try fixing it yourself. A plumber is great, but they cost money, and you should always be trying to save money as a homeowner. Some serious issues might need you to involve a plumber, but many times, bathroom issues are easy to fix yourself with a little knowledge of how it works. 

This guide will help you diagnose the issue with your bathroom and also offer you some steps on how to fix them like a pro. 

There Almost Always Will Be A Clogged Drain

Many times we can be having a shower, and after leaving the bathroom, we come back to meet an inch or so of standing water at the end of the shower close to the shower drain; other times, we can get a funky smell from our bathrooms due to a clogged drain. 

Clogged drains are caused by an accumulation of bits like hair in your drain, making it drain slowly. The issue can usually be dealt with by a quick fix. You can get a drain snake from any utility store around and get rid of the most common culprit, hair. You can also get liquid or gel pipe cleaners that simply need you to pour them down the drain, wait and rinse. These simple tricks will most solve the problem.

Slow Running Shower

Many times we notice that our showers start running slowly, and relaxing showers start becoming a bit frustrating. This is not a problem you just ignore because the most likely cause is a build-up of limescale in the showerhead. The best way to deal with this issue is to use a basic cleanser targeting the limescale.

It is also recommended that you use a whole home water softener because the issue will affect other water outlets in the home and the pipes you can’t see. 

Humidity Issues 

If your bathroom maintains a sauna-like environment long after you take a shower, then you need to be mindful of humidity issues. As fun as it is to pretend that your bathroom is a spa, too much humidity isn’t a good thing. Letting moisture stay inside small spaces for long periods will damage the paint and other surfaces and also cause mold to grow. If the issue is ignored for too long, you will end up spending a hefty sum on a professional who will help get rid of the mold.

There is a simple solution to this problem, and it is getting a fan for your bathroom; the fan will help disperse the moisture and prevent an expensive mold problem. 

A Clogged Toilet

This is another common bathroom issue and can be a great inconvenience if you have just one toilet in your home. This issue can be solved by simply getting a toilet plunger to clear the drain. If that doesn’t work, you can get a plumbing snake to cut through whatever is clogging the toilet.

If you have a specific toilet that gets clogged more often, you might need to check it for a root intrusion or a similar problem. 

Broken Toilet Handles 

This is a common occurrence if you have children in the house as they tend to forcefully flush the toilets causing the handles to weaken and finally break. This can tend to be embarrassing when visitors come and can’t flush the toilet. 

Toilet handles can be easily fixed. If they are loose, the water system can be opened, and the nut can be tightened. If they are broken, replacement parts can be gotten from a utility store, and they can be easily fixed. 

Leaky Sink Or Shower 

Many times after turning off your faucet, you observe or hear a dripping sound. This sound can be annoying, and it can also run up your water bill. 

This problem can be solved by a simple part replacement that can be fixed by getting it from a hardware store, or you can get a new faucet head. 

Water On The Floor

Sometimes, you can observe a pool of water forming at the point where the toilet meets the floor. This is because there is a wax seal at that point, and if there is a pool of water there, it means the wax seal has been compromised. 

You can test this suspicion by putting some drops of food coloring in the toilet bowl and flushing it. If you observe the foul ride water at the base of the toilet bowl, then you know that the wax seal has been compromised. 

You can get a new wax ring from a hardware store at a low price, but the replacement process might be more complicated as you need someone to help you lift the entire toilet seat.

Sewer Smells 

Several plumbing issues can cause persistent smells in your bathroom. Harmful gases can seep into the house because of this issue, so it must be resolved quickly. Loose toilets, leaky pipes, and faulty drains can cause these smells, and they can be solved by replacing them. 

These issues can easily be resolved by simply DIY methods, but if they get complicated, you can always call a plumber.