Moving home is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful. As moving day gets closer, it’s important to be sure that everything is packed correctly and will be easy to move. It is important to make moving as simple as possible. These 8 tips that will help you move house easier:

1. Create a list of what needs to be done before moving day

This will allow you to pack more efficiently and know what needs doing on the big day. Create a moving checklist and make sure to cross everything off as it’s completed. This will help keep you organised and on track and will ensure you don’t forget or miss anything.

2. Clear any clutter from your current space then donate it all!

This means decluttering your house and getting rid of any items that you no longer need. If there are many things to get rid of, consider a moving company who will help with the lifting required for moving heavy objects out.

Declutter your space by donating what can be used by others instead of taking up room in your new home which you will be moving into shortly.

3. Make a moving date with friends or family so moving day doesn’t feel so lonely

Moving is a lot of work, but as they say, many hands makes light work. Ask some of your closest friends and family if they can lend a hand. This might mean borrowing a van or a trailer, asking strong friends to help lift bulky items, or maybe simply having a friend bring you lunch. Of course, it’s. important to offer payment, whether that’s cold hard cash, or a case of drinks.

The other option to make moving home simple is to hire a moving company. A site like Muval helps you find interstate removalists who can help you pack trucks, move your belongings and unpack them at your new home.

4. Don’t forget to sort out the moving boxes before moving day

You don’t want your possessions to get lost in transit.  Sort through your belongings and pack them into moving boxes. Label each box with what is inside so that it is easy to unpack at your new home.

5. Pack heavier items on the bottom of the moving box

Packing heavy items at the bottom of your boxes will help keep the moving boxes from becoming too heavy, and therefore easier to move. Heavier items are also less likely to break in transit if they are well protected. Buy bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard for extra protection when moving delicate items like glasses, lamps, vases etc.

6. Pack light and keep essentials together in a moving bag

This will help when you arrive at your new home and need to get unpacked quickly. Keep toiletries, a change of clothes and some snacks in your moving bag so you don’t have to go through boxes looking for them.

7. Create an inventory list

An inventory will make moving home simple by keeping track of what is where. Make sure to check off each item as you unpack them, and get rid of boxes quickly so that moving day stays manageable.

8. Take care of valuables

Make sure that all valuables are packed away safely so they won’t be damaged in moving day chaos.

Keep items of sentimental value close to you personally, and pack away other valuables with moving boxes so that they don’t get lost or damaged on moving day.

Valuable items can be taken along by a friend or family member if possible, otherwise the safest option is to hire movers who will

9. Find out if your new home has any hidden costs

Different areas may have different rates and taxes than you’re used to. It’s worth researching things like council tax, water rates etc., which may not have been included in the rent price. Understanding these costs will help you be prepared for your new home’s budget.