The best way to declutter your house is by taking things one step at a time. Tackle one room at a time and set aside a specific day for each room. This will help keep you organized and on track. It’s also helpful to have a plan of action before you start decluttering. Here are some tips to help get you started: 

Make lists

First of all, sort out everything that you don’t need and list them in different categories. Go through your bookshelf and select the titles you already read or no longer want to keep. Do the same with clothes, accessories, kitchen utensils, CDs, and old magazines. After collecting them together in one place, ask yourself if you’re really going to need these items anytime soon. If not, then it’s time to let them go. 

Donate or sell

If you think the items are still in good shape and you’re sure that someone else can make use of them, then donate. But if there’s really no one who would want the items anymore, then use them yourself or sell them online. You can even hold your own garage sale and sell these items at a really low price.

Websites like Craigslist and Kijiji can help you find buyers for your stuff. Just be sure to take some photos of things you want to sell and write a clear and concise listing. It is the quickest way to declutter your house.

Rent a storage locker

If you’re having trouble decluttering your house, renting a storage locker is a great way to get rid of excess stuff. It’s also a great way to store seasonal items, such as clothes and Christmas decorations.

When renting a storage locker, be sure to consider the size and location. You should also ask about the security features, such as 24-hour surveillance and/or on-site staff. You can click here to see the options that are available. Keep in mind that these come with a monthly charge, but once you think about how your decluttered house it will definitely be worth it.

Recycle whatever is recyclable

More and more people are becoming interested in recycling as a way to declutter their homes and help the environment. While it is important to recycle items that can be reused, such as aluminum cans and cardboard boxes, there are other items that can be recycled as well. Here are the most commonly recycled household items:


Computers, monitors, iPods, and other types of electronics can be a real source of clutter if you don’t recycle them properly. Electronics contain valuable metals such as gold and silver, but only if the junked items are recycled in a professional way. 

There are some manufacturers who offer recycling services for old or broken electronics, which makes it easier for you to figure out what to do with your old items. It is a good idea to call your local utility company as well as the manufacturers of the products themselves and ask them if there are any recycling programs available to you.

Water bottles

Water bottles represent a big source of plastic waste and many people simply throw them away. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it can also lead to an unwanted mess as those bottles start piling up. The good news is that you can recycle your old water bottles by either dropping them off at a recycling center or bringing them back to grocery stores and other establishments. By doing this, you are helping the environment greatly. 


Another highly recyclable product is paper. Many people are aware that they should recycle their old newspapers, but few are aware of exactly how easy it is to do so. 

In fact, many recycling programs have a special day where people can bring in their old newspapers for recycling instead of putting them into their regular bins. If you don’t know when this recycling day is for your area, be sure to call the recycling center and ask.


Perhaps the easiest item to recycle is glass, as there are many recycling centers that will collect them from your doorstep. However, you should always remember to remove the lids and rinse the bottles before you put them in recycling containers or bags, especially if they contained any chemicals or liquids. This way you can make sure that the recycling process is as efficient as possible.

Clearing out your home and making room for new things is a rewarding feeling. It feels great to know that you don’t have to worry about unwanted items piling up when you’re not looking. Start by taking inventory of everything in your house, then use one or more of these clever methods to get rid of anything that doesn’t bring value into your life. Decluttering can be an overwhelming process, but it’s so worth it in the long run!