There are so many ways to boost your health, live longer, and live better that it can be difficult to know where to start. If you’re looking to invest in a convenient way to kickstart a healthier life consider the home sauna.

Not only does it add value to your home, but requires less upkeep than you might think. And the research is growing on the amazing number of health benefits that come with it. Here are some helpful tips to consider when contemplating a home sauna. 


Make sure you have a good place in your home. A sauna can take up to 8×10 feet or more, and you will want a waterproof floor. Access to a 240-volt electrical hookup is also key. You may want to consider installing one near a bathroom, in a garage, or even as an addition to your house. Thankfully, unlike a hot tub, saunas require a lot less maintenance and fewer moving parts.

Added Home Value

Who doesn’t want to add extra value to their home? A sauna is like having your own spa and is sure to drive the value of your home up, but not only that, it can be a great perk for friends and family. Any overnight house guests will definitely feel pampered having access to the sauna. Or, if you’re more private, a sauna still makes for a great date night with your spouse.

De-stress and Detoxify

After a long day, the body is craving some stress relief and relaxation, to loosen up the joints and ease muscle tension after work and the pressures of life. And with the many toxins we take in throughout the day, time in a sauna can help detoxify our bodies.

Especially during cold and flu season, time in a sauna can help clear up congestion and help you find relief when you’re feeling sick.

Energy Efficient

An understandable concern is the energy consumption of heating a sauna but the reality might be shocking. The professionals from say that a modern infrared sauna costs significantly less to run than you’d think, as low as $5 a month. Considering the cost of going to the spa, that’s not too bad.

Speed Up Recovery For Athletes

Athletes, especially runners, wanting to speed up their recovery time after a hard run, workout, or injury, may want to consider regular home access to a sauna. Along with pain relief, saunas can improve circulation and even lessen inflammation in your body. Other studies suggest regular sauna use may actually enhance your performance.

Make Sure You Use the Right Materials

When considering sauna options, make sure you choose one that uses the best materials. Saunas that are less expensive could be built with toxic, low-cost building materials that will eventually harm your health through off-gassing when the units heat up. 

Chemically treated wood and low-grade glue used in the construction of the wood parts of an infrared sauna will begin to off-gas as the unit is heated. Instead, you want to look for eco-friendly wood and high-grade glue.


When using a sauna, you should always be careful of dehydration and heatstroke, so always hydrate and don’t stay in too long. You should also never use drugs or alcohol before or during your time in a sauna. And if you have heart disease or issues with blood pressure make sure to check with your doctor before using a sauna. Pregnant women should also check with their physician, and children under five should not use a sauna.

Promote Weight Loss

The best part is heading into a sauna on a regular basis has also been proven to promote weight loss. While saunas alone may not get you where you’d like to be on your weight loss journey, they can help supercharge your efforts by helping you regulate your appetite, boosting your metabolism all in an effort to reduce body fat. So it becomes easy to see how sauna use, when integrated into a life of balanced nutrition and moderate exercise, becomes a way to get back into shape.

It’s true! Studies show a link between regular sauna use and longer life. The blood pressure benefits of saunas have been well documented as half an hour in a sauna has proven to lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as sauna’s ability to make arteries more responsive and relaxed. Add to that the better blood flow which helps your brain and improves sleep, as well as boosts mood, it becomes clear how those who regularly use saunas may avoid negative health impacts. If you are considering a convenient, long-term way to boost your health, you may benefit from a home sauna.