We all want to upgrade our homes every now and then. From small upgrades to massive overhauls, we are constantly tinkering with our houses and apartments. Some of us even have a list as long as our arm with plans, ideas, and desires for our homes. Often this leads to frustration as we don’t know how we’re ever going to be able to finish off all our ideas. There are, however, plenty of easy ways to improve your household according to your desires, and those are exactly the ideas we’ve listed for you below. Want some inspiration for some easy home improvements? Then read on for our top tips! 

Simple Painting

This may sound super basic, but a simple coat of paint can bring a whole new life to a room and can be quite a cheap investment. Eliza, a home design professional from www.orendahomegarden.com/reviews told us that, “often the very first thing I recommend to people is a lick of paint. Simple painting and decorating jobs are easy to do alone, cheap, and completely change the feel of a room.” So, simply order some paint testers and try them in your bedroom, lounge, or bathroom. Then, spend a day doing a couple of new coats of paint. It’ll feel like a brand new room! 

Blinds and Shutters

You can also completely change the feel of a room with new blinds or shutters. If you are longing for a bit more privacy, get some shutters installed. This way you have the ability to fully block out light and prying eyes if needed, whilst also having flexibility. Light sleeper and desiring more sleep at night? Easy. Get yourself a blackout blind. These blinds are incredible at fully blocking out any light getting into your room meaning you can fall asleep and stay asleep in a pitch-black room. However, be warned, it’s very easy to sleep through a whole day with these things installed! 

Reface Kitchen Cabinets

A new kitchen has to be at the top of many of our lists of wants and desires. The only problem is that a whole new kitchen tends to be quite expensive, especially if you buy new appliances, plumbing, and countertops. However, there is an easy way to upgrade your kitchen: simply reface the cabinets. Many cabinets are a standard size, so you can replace the doors with more modern looking versions, or ones made with a different material. If you can’t even afford – or simply don’t want to buy – new doors, you can simply repaint the cabinets you have and stick on some new handles. Trust us, this creates a brand-new kitchen feel, without spending much time, effort, or money at all. Super easy.

Bring Nature In

It is often noted that bringing nature into the home can bring both physical and mental health benefits. If you are one of us who desires greenery in the home, we say go for it. If you are prepared to spend a long time working on your indoor nursery, then hit some flower markets or garden stores and buy some baby succulents, palms, or ivies. Water and feed them regularly and after one full growth cycle, you’ll have a rapidly growing green corner. There are plenty of websites listing the very best plants for indoors, whether on a bright windowsill or shady corner, they can help you find the right plant. If you’re looking for a quick fix, buy some fully-grown greens or some flowers. This is the quicker, but more expensive way to bring nature into your home.

DIY Shelving and Cabinets

One of the big issues many people find with their homes is a lack of storage or display space. Bare walls or empty corners do nothing for us, so how can we improve that? One of the easiest things to do when considering some DIY is to build some shelving. Let’s face it, there’s literally nothing more simple! You can quite easily find materials and plans for simple shelving, or you can get creative and try to create a shelving unit out of something totally wild. An idea we love is using old materials such as skateboards, old doors, or even crates to create a new unit or shelf for your lounge. Even flipping some crates 90 degrees and bolting a few different sized ones together can create a super cool display cabinet for the corner of your room.

Fun Lighting (Indoors and Out)

Lighting and lamps are expensive, complicated, and hard to install, right? Absolutely not! Maybe getting a new chandelier or converting every light in your home to LED could be a big task, but we’re talking about easy upgrades here. Did you know you can get amazing battery-powered LED lamps these days? They come in all shapes and sizes, while likely sharing a charger with your phone or tablet. For outdoors, solar-powered LED strip lights or spotlights can make an incredible difference to an otherwise simple garden space. Simply buy, stick in, and wait for the sun to do its magic. Lighting doesn’t have to be complicated and it can change the feel of a room, garden, or an entire home. 

Replace Flooring

Depending on the size of your home and what kind of flooring you currently have, this one may not be viewed as a particularly easy task. But, flooring is actually quite simple to lay. If you’ve got some tired old carpet, it may be time to rip that gross rug up and replace it with some hardwood flooring. Most of this flooring simply slots in place, and you only need a mallet to tap it in. You may also need a saw to chop a few bits down to size. But, trust us, it’s definitely not the hardest job in the world. Plus, new flooring can add another new element to a home.

Imagine combining a couple of these easy ideas. How much difference could, say, a new floor and a lick of paint in your bedroom make? Or, some new lighting and plants make your kitchen feel? It’s amazing how much you can do with a little money and a little time.