Does your family prefer hot water for general home use? Are you depending on a water heater installed in your tank for hot water? Chances are high that you lose a lot of money heating these gallons of water. Moreover, that you waste a lot of time waiting for the water to heat every time you need it?

Well, all that could go out of the window by adopting an electric tankless water heater. But why? Here, I’ll shed some light on that burning question, is an electric tankless water heater really worth the investment?

So, why is a tankless water heater a good investment?

An electric tankless water heater comes with multiple benefits that you do not get in the traditional water heater. Some electric tankless water heater benefits are as follows:

Gives You Access to Instant Hot Water

You no longer need to wait for your water to heat in the tank for up to half an hour before you can use it.


Your water passes through highly electric-powered water coils and through to the pipes offering already heated water at your end of the tap or shower.

All you need to do is to ensure that your water heater is functioning well at all times.

You No Longer Need the Storage Space for Your Huge Water Tanks

The traditional water heater installed in a water tank requires that you have an actual tank somewhere. This option takes up lots of space in your house that you may use for some else.

On the contrary, the electric tankless water heater is in the form of a briefcase and can be installed on your wall or closet. Therefore, you get the whole space to yourself.

An Electric Tankless Water Heater Lasts Longer

The old water heater last has a lifespan of roughly ten years. An electric tankless water heater twice the time.

Imagine saving half the amount of money you could have spent on a new water heater in its lifetime.

Lowers the Cost Spent on Electricity Significantly

For a traditional water heater, the water may heat and stay in the tank for a long time but requires heating again for use.  Over a longer period, you will notice that a lot of electricity is wasted every time you heat water.

However, an electric tankless water heater heats the water in an instant as it passes the pipe, immediately you need it, saving you money spent on electricity bills.

Less Noisy

Traditional water heaters are quite noisy often from the sediments at the bottom or from a low water level in your tank.

This noise can be quite annoying. In the article noisy water systems you will learn of more causes to this sound and the solutions to the problem. Using the electric tankless water heater is silent offering you a peaceful water heating system.

Availability of Spares for Replaceable Parts

A lot of money is wasted on replacing the whole water heater system when you do not have an option to replace a damaged part.

The design of an electric tankless water heater comprises multiple replaceable parts you can find in most water appliance stores.

For a small cost, you can return your water heating system to normal until.

Access to Cleaner Water And A Safer Water Heating System

The tank-based water heating system is subject to leaking and blocking pipes that head to your house. The tankless heater is more compact with lesser leakages, hence no flooded areas in your home.

Moreover, it is easy to maintain the compact tankless water heater system and keep your water cleaner.

Now, you know the pros of an electric tank-free water heater. But aren’t there any limitations?

So, are there any downsides to installing a tankless water heater?

Like everything else, the electric tank free water also has its limitations. Some electric tankless water heater downsides are:

1. Costly First Installation

Installing an electric tankless water heater costs you more probably from acquiring the heater unit. However, you will save a lot on maintenance and cost on utility than you would on the usual tank water heater over a long period.

2. Limits Daily Water Usage

The hot water you get from an electric tankless water heater is limited, such that you cannot surpass a particular amount. Therefore, if you have a big family, multiple installations will be appropriate.

Now you have an idea of some of the things you need to know about an electric tankless water heater, moreover that it has more benefits than limitations. Utility costs are always on an undisputed increase. This heater saves you time, money, is noise-free, requires lesser space, has a longer life span and has the replaceable part available to you. Install an electric tankless water heater today and start enjoying its benefits.