Most people assume that landscape design is a complex matter. This is an inaccurate assumption; even though it does require some degree of skill and technicality, with little effort, you can turn your surroundings into a beautiful space. Keeping in mind that landscape design is more of an art than a science is important since a lot of feelings, preferences, personal tastes and styles go into it. In addition, an awareness of the world of horticulture is recommended to help you at realizing your dream outdoor oasis. Whether or not you have a small outdoor space, you can make the best of it by designing it to feel more spacious and vice versa.

Due to the subjectivity of landscape design, it is tempting to believe that there is little or no need for guidelines and principles. There are, however, certain elements that make up the basics of landscape design.


This simply means harmonization. Unity is the creation of a consistent character by linking different elements and features of the garden together. It is the manipulation of the elements of a design to convey the desired motive.


Lines can be a powerful weapon when used correctly. They are employed by landscape designers to direct eye and body movement. Lines enhance the beauty of the outdoors by making them visually appealing. The space could be designed geometrically, for a look that’s more formal and forceful, or curved, for a more relaxed, creative, and informal atmosphere. It should be noted that, while straight lines lead the eye to the focal point of the garden, curved lines move the eye gradually by inducing hidden views thus creating a sense of mystery for the viewers.


Forms are an element of the landscape that organizes the hardscapes and the softscapes, creating a sense of balance between them. It is the determining factor of the general content and theme of the garden. When it comes to softscapes, plants could be designed either upright, round, rectangular, polygonal, ground cover, or even in free form. This gives space for a more informal atmosphere that is more attuned to nature. It can accommodate irregular and meandering forms. If you’re seeking a more formal atmosphere, plants tend to be trimmed, kept short, and organized to give the desired result.


Color can make everything much more appealing, specifically when they are combined well. It adds intrigue and variety to a landscape. Furthermore, it is no news that colors invoke a variety of emotions and feelings, and are also pleasing to the eyes. With color, your everyday patio can be given a stunning and elegant makeover. Tact must be applied in the use of color, especially during all four seasons since some colors tend to fade with changes in season.

Tips on How to Make Your Outdoor Space Look Stunning

1. Go Stylish with a Fireplace or Fire Pit

Even a small fireplace has the ability to give your outdoor oasis a practical, stylish, and magical edge. You could get creative with the fireplace or fire pit by adding a touch of color so as to give it a refreshing look. Whether you are looking to spend a romantic evening with your partner or you want to entertain a group of friends, the fireplace offers just the right ambiance.

2. Define your Entrance or Pathways

The beauty of a house or building largely depends on its pathways. Get creative with making your entryway attractive; use gravel, natural stepping stones, or slabs. The use of these natural elements, especially in a country with such varying climates as Australia, is more sustainable in the long run. Furthermore, according to the customers who communicated with in Sydney, pathways should be regularly maintained. Commonly, passageways are ignored in the bid to get it right with landscape design. Aside from your usual design requirements, your budget and traffic flow are a deciding factor too, especially if you want to go big.

3. Plant Native Flowers

Flowers have a way of making a place pop. For that pop and a subtle aroma, consider planting vegetations and common flowers native to your country or city.

4. Outdoor Mini-Bar

If the indoors could use a bar, then the outdoors deserve one too. Setting up an outdoor bar will not only give you the opportunity to share a drink with friends but also add a wonderful corner to your house. So, plan for that minibar and give yourself and your friends the special treatment you deserve.

5. Set up an Umbrella or a Pergola

Another way to give your outdoor space beautiful scenery is to set up an umbrella that will provide shade during the summer. There is also a type of pergola that offers a more charming look with minimum shade.

6. Build a Pool

Investing in pools is another alternative to give your outdoor space a breathtaking view. Building one can indeed be costly especially if you are on a tight budget. Still, you should note that with the right planning, having one could be worth every penny.

7. A Movie Area or Cinema

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to watch your favorite TV shows outside? There is no feeling like it. You only need a projector, a speaker, and a good location, and voila! You are ready for an interesting evening with your favorite characters. Throw in some popcorn and a bottle of wine to complete the experience.

You can never go wrong with landscape design. It is a fulfilling way to give your home an alluring edge and also be able to show off to your friends how creative you can get. Landscape design gives your home presence, charm, and magic regardless of whether or not you are on a tight budget.