There are different reasons as to why we build fences. Sometimes, we do it just because we want to keep something important in, other times because we want to keep a predator out. Sometimes, it is just for aesthetics or because of the need to block unsavory sights or keep away prying neighbors for a couple of people. But, often, we build our fences for all of these reasons and more. Even countries have “fences” and walls to mark territories and boundaries. But, of course, some walls are more famous than others. However, this article focuses on being an eye-opener on reasons why to have a fence.

Why Do I Need A Fence?

A fence should be listed among needs, not wants, as it is essential and serves many purposes. A couple of them include.

To Curb Appeal 

Although many fences are built for utilitarian reasons, once the decision to raise a fence comes up, the aesthetic appeal of the said project automatically becomes a primary concern. Some people who choose to erect a fence primarily for its curb appeal can not be ignored. Imagine your beautiful Australian Home having either a white picket fence, a large fence draped with vines, or a stylish ornamental fence; there are many options to choose from from a Perth fencing company. Not every fence has to be a shield or barrier; the purpose of your fence could just be to make your entrance look lovely. Just because a fence has an essential job, it does not mean that it can not be regal and gorgeous.


One of the most popular reasons people have a fence is to protect people and animals. For example, if you have little children, dogs, cats, or even horses, a fence is a perfect solution to keep them wrangled up in your yard; that way, they don’t run off and or get lost. You might also be concerned with natural elements outside of your yard, like lakes, ponds, cliffs, or hills. By installing a fence, you ensure that no one within your home will accidentally fall into a body of water, fall off a cliff, or climb a dangerous bluff.


A fence will also provide maximum security from strangers by making it uneasy for them to enter your property. So whether you have fears of criminals trespassing into your land or deer sauntering through and munching on your apple trees, a fence is a great way to ward off uninvited guests. Chain fences are top of the list for most people when it comes to security fences. However, there are many options to choose from when it comes to security fences. Take your time and decide what’s best for your home.

Establish Boundaries

Establishing boundaries works almost hand in hand with security. A fence is a perfect way to set the boundaries of your property. First, it helps to notify people that you do not want them in your personal space. Second, sometimes people trespass on land accidentally, not even realizing that they’re upsetting the owner, but with a fence, no one comes close to your property. Finally, if you are a homeowner who feels frustrated because your neighbors do not respect the line that separates their property from yours, a fence will create a clear, hard-and-fast boundary.

The fact is, there are lots of reasons as to why to have a fence installed. Either because you want safety, security, privacy, or just for decoration. Whatever your reason is, it is essential to be strategic while deciding what features are most important to you.