A house is not a home until you tie certain memories and emotions to it. It takes time to establish and build those memories. In the meantime, if you are living in a new space and wanting to create a warm, cozy feeling with your home, here are a few design choices to help you gain those emotions faster.

Soft Lighting

The first way that you can change the vibe and feel of your home is by changing the lighting and creating an environment that is suitable for your desires. If you want a space that feels cozier, change your lights to something that will emit a softer tone. This will help make you feel warmer as opposed to harsh, bright lights. White tones are better for kitchens or places that you want to highlight the cleanliness of a room or need to have bright lights in order to focus, study, or work. If you want to take things to the next level, add a fireplace in a room to truly create a warm and cozy vibe.

Inviting Mixture of Furniture

Aside from lighting, the biggest factor that will create a vibe in your rooms and your home is the choice of furniture you have. There are certain design decisions you can make to have your rooms feel more or less inviting. Some couches and sofas will look and feel a lot more comfortable than others that are looking to be a bit more artistic or decorative on their own. Experts from Homesdirect 365 acknowledge that a balance between modern and classic looks will have their benefits. This is because the mix of furniture will give you the decorative desires, but also feel and look comfortable enough to snuggle up and hang out on. Taking the same approach with the rest of your rooms can provide you with the important balance that you want for both your family and guests.


Cozy means lived in. Nothing signifies a feeling of being lived in with homes more than the personal touch of family photographs or your own personal artwork. These will always provide guests with a feeling of connectedness to the art and design choices, and feel the attachment and warmth of any room. These pieces and design choices will also translate well to creating talking points with people, and will always make your home feel cozy, which is especially important for when a family has moved out and away, but also come back to visit.

Pillows and Throws

Being cozy means being comfortable. A great way to make sure that any room or home feels comfortable is to have throws, blankets, and pillows out and set or ready to be provided. These create the perfect environment for date nights inside, movie nights with friends and family, or even providing a cozy feeling when you want to enjoy a book on your own. Just be careful because a sofa that is too comfortable, fully set with a throw, and some cozy pillows create the perfect storm for some exceptional naps.

Slippers, Rugs, and Carpet

An inviting home needs to have a certain feel to it. That feeling needs to translate to the flooring. Hardwood is a great aesthetic look but can feel hard in terms of subconscious psychological association. There is something special about soft and comfortable carpet beneath your feet or socks. Having a home that has carpet or rugs will provide you a cozy feeling as soon as you set foot inside. For those that still want to keep the hardwood, providing slippers at the door will allow your guests, your family, and friends, and their feet that warm, soft feeling.


Creating a warm and inviting environment in your home is associated with a home that is sprawling and filled with life. Many design choices try to emulate a space where people spend a lot of time, but one way to showcase the warmth of a home is to decorate it with some plants. These will not only provide a visual aspect, creating a space that feels more alive, but they will literally be breathing life into your home. This helps with the air quality in the home and will ensure certain funk and smells stay away if you spend too much time at home.

There are many ways in which you can make a home feel cozy, whether it is with the people you spend time with or what you do. It also truly depends on what things give you those warm feelings, and you need to trust those feelings with your design choices. Bring love into your space, and it will always give off cozy vibes to come home to.