There is a lot of debate surrounding Nespresso and whether it is really just espresso.  However, a Nespresso machine is a must-have no matter which side of the debate you are on. Both traditional espresso machines and Nespresso machines have unique features and functions. They appeal to different groups of coffee lovers. Here are a few important things to know about Nespresso machines and how they work.

How Do They Work?

All Nespresso machines are different. They have unique configurations but the overall concept is the same. Insert an espresso pod at the front of the machine and load water into the tank. After actuation, water will be pumped through a line and around some heat. The heated water is passed through the pod at high pressure to produce Nespresso.

Even though espresso and Nespresso machines have lots of similarities, they have a few differences. The coffee from a Nespresso machine is not the same as espresso. Basically, espresso is concentrated coffee made with hot water and coffee grounds under high pressure. With this logic, some may consider Nespresso as a type of espresso especially if the pressure is similar to espresso.

One of the main differences is that Nespresso is typically prepared at 15 bars while the industry standard for espresso is nine bars. The coffee from a Nespresso machine is a lot like that from a Moka pot. The quality is different and Nespresso is generally thinner than espresso. Nespresso produces rich, balanced, and tasty coffee. It is low in acidity.

Original Line: All About the Pressure

The functioning of OriginalLine Nespresso machines heavily depends on pressure. When making Nespresso coffee with these machines, all you need to do is find a compatible capsule, insert it, and close your machine. There are punctures on the upper side of the pod. Once you choose your drink size, the machine will pump up the appropriate amount of water to the capsule. The water curls around a heating element. The water reaches the right brewing temperature on the way.

When the hot water is pumped into your capsule and subjected to high pressure, the foil-covered end of the capsule will burst and release rich and flavorful espresso. Using a filter will keep coffee grounds from getting into your cup.

Cleaning up Nespresso machines is easy. Once you open the machine, all you need to do is insert another capsule and the used one will be ejected automatically.

Vertuoline: Centrifugal Force

Vertuoline Nespresso machines are very easy to use. With these machines, there is no need to push any button when selecting your preferred drink size. Vertuo capsules come with unique barcodes. After inserting the capsule and closing the machine, it will read the barcode. The brewer will automatically optimize brewing parameters for that coffee. It adjusts the flow rate, temperature, and water volume depending on the roast.

The extraction process in Vertuo is not the same as the pressure-based system. The pod shapes are the first indicators of this difference. Original Line capsules look like small cups but Nespresso pods are shaped like domes.

Vertuoline Nespresso machines take advantage of centrifugation. They inject hot water into the upper part of the pod which is spun at 7000 rpm. This promotes a thorough infusion of ground coffee beans and water. It flows out through multiple punctures around the capsule.

Original vs. Vertuoline Machines

One of the biggest differences between vertuoline and original Nespresso machines is in the brew sizes. With OriginalLine options, you do not always get five brew sizes. In most cases, you will only get 1.35 oz. espresso and 3.7 oz. lungo sizes. You are unlikely to find a model that goes beyond 3.7 oz. lungo.

Most VertuoLine machines provide five brew sizes. There is a custom sizing feature that lets you brew up to 17 oz. Unlike VertuoLine machines, OriginalLine machines do not have a barcode scanning system. All you need to do is pop in the right capsule and go. The extraction method is different as well. OriginalLine machines use the old-fashioned extraction method but VertuoLine options are designed to brew more advanced coffee. 

Whether you are an instant-coffee drinker or a coffee enthusiast, you may be interested in a good Nespresso machine. It is a great machine for anyone who enjoys coffee. About 80 percent of people in the world consume coffee every day. Whether it is your primary source of caffeine or just one of your options, the right Nespresso machine will be a wise investment.