Who doesn’t love throwing a fantastic barbecue? Getting together and sharing scrumptious food with those we hold dearest is always a cherishable moment. And if you happen to be on the hunt for a new family nest, you might as well factor in all your cooking and hosting needs for a truly elevated party. In this dedicated guide, we’re highlighting some essential residential features any BBQ aficionado should look for when scouting for a new home. Get ready to impress your relatives, friends, and neighbors with the ultimate home barbecue experience!

Open Floor Plan

For starters, as far as interior layouts go, the more open, the better. Partition walls are no longer a feature modern homeowners look for. Open floor plans are particularly suited for people with extended families and circles of friends; they guarantee plenty of space to move around, facilitating passage between different parts of the home. Houses with an open layout also allow more light in, which makes them all the more lively and inviting.

Large Kitchen With Pantry

Since you love to cook and grill, you’ll definitely benefit from a massive, fully-equipped kitchen. Think openness, functionality, plenty of storage, and space for large appliances like fridges, ovens, and such. Also, a kitchen island is a superb asset that helps optimize your kitchen’s square footage while providing extra space to cook, eat, and work on. Whether or not it comes fully-equipped, you can always bring in an expert contractor to design the kitchen of your dreams!

Outdoor Kitchen Space

Now on to the outdoors, where most of the action happens. Having an outdoor kitchen is a given for those who love to throw grand barbecues. Since grilling and smoking meats indoors is never recommended, a dedicated space outside will make your life considerably easier. The barbecue equipment specialists at CookOutPal.com also recommend equipping your outdoor kitchen with a charcoal smoker, if you want juicy, flavorful meats every time. There are plenty of options to explore with a bit of online research.

Vast Backyard

Who wouldn’t want giant green spaces for their homes? They’ll prove immensely convenient when you’ll be hosting the neighbors and their families, offering plenty of space for cook-offs, entertainment, activities, and more. With a large backyard, you’ll also be able to start your own vegetable and herb garden if you’ve got a green thumb.

Swimming Pool

Speaking of backyards, did someone say “pool party?” This is one is optional, of course, but few residential amenities beat the pleasures of having your own swimming pool. Just think of all the fun you’ll be having with your family and friends on a warm summer day, enjoying a cocktail around the pool! These vary in sizes, shapes, depths, and self-cleaning and safety features. So, if you’ve got the budget for it, definitely go for it!

Ground Floor Full Bathroom

Let’s head back inside for a moment. Since you’ll be hosting plenty of people and, well, people have natural needs, it makes sense to have a full bathroom right on the ground floor. It goes without saying, but this is a very convenient set-up that will prevent having to go up a flight of stairs for hand-washing and other urgent needs. Don’t hesitate to make this space as funky, colorful, and original as possible to make a lasting impression on your guests!

Guest Bedroom

In case you often welcome relatives and visitors from out of town, it’s always a good idea to have a dedicated bedroom for overnight guests, ideally with a private bathroom. Setting them up on the living room sofa isn’t worthy of a superhost! So, make sure the properties you’re visiting offer enough space for one or two extra bedrooms, which can always be rented out or turned into a multipurpose room when there are no guests in sight.

Large Garage and Basement

Last but not least, have you considered your storage needs? It never hurts to have extra space to store all your cars, belongings, furniture, sporting equipment, and more. Besides, if you have a large freezer where you keep all kinds of meats, it’s best kept underground to optimize the space in your main kitchen.

All in all, there’s more than one aspect barbecue lovers must consider when buying a new home! It’s all about maximizing convenience, comfort, and practicality for the best experience possible. No matter where you’re looking to move, hiring a local real estate agent will ensure that you find the property of your dreams. Once you do, don’t forget to invite them to your first barbecue party at your new home!