If you are looking for amazing home design ideas that will blow your mind, then this article is just for you! We have gathered the best home design ideas from all over the world and compiled them into one place.

Look at our list of unique, creative, and innovative designs to find inspiration for your own house or apartment!

Curved Glass Walls

Curved glass walls are a trendy design that is currently in vogue. This design, which contractors originally used in architectural buildings like museums and airports, has now found its way into residential structures. As one of the modern designs highlighted at Novus Homes, curved glass walls offer an unobstructed view of the outdoors while at the same time offering plenty of privacy from those outside looking in. The curved shape also makes it easier to create open spaces and well-lit rooms, which you can use for anything! 

These walls are perfect for spacious and modern homes where the idea is to use fewer resources. You can try the curved glass design in your own home, but you will need expert help for this.

Open Floor Plans

The open floor plan is one of the most popular trends in home design these days. It’s all about using less space so that you can enjoy more space! This concept aims to create an environment where no walls are separating different spaces and rooms.

This way, it becomes easier for homeowners to maintain their cleanliness and hygiene standards while also having a more cohesive and open space. It is perfect for families who like to live in the same room together!

You can incorporate the design style of an open floor plan into any home, but it does take some special considerations to pull this off successfully. You will need help from designers and architects with experience in these types of designs.


Skylights are a great way of adding natural light to any room, but only if you have the right design. The idea behind this concept is to get as much sunlight inside your home as possible.

The best designers will know how to place them in an unobtrusive yet still accessible location so that they don’t cause too many problems with your home’s heating and cooling system.

Skylights are a great way to brighten up any darkroom or even an entire floor of the house! You have many options for skylights, so you will need help from experts to decide what design works for you. Fortunately, architects and designers are more than happy to help you out with this!

Exposed Brick and Beams

Exposed brick and beams are a great way to remodel your home while adding character. You can do this on any floor, in any room of the house – it’s completely up to you!

The exposed brick or beam design is all about highlighting each feature for its beauty and unique look. The idea behind this trend is to show off how durable and strong the brick or beam is.

You can combine this design with a more modern touch to create your own style, but you will need expert help for this home remodeling project. Working with architects and designers who have experience in exposed-brick/beam designs can really make all the difference!

Wood Floors With a Modern Twist

Wood floors are a timeless design that is always in style! You can update this classic look with modern touches to create the perfect home for today. One of the best ways you can do this is by adding unique additions or accessories like an interesting rug, nice furniture, and accents. It’s all about making it your own so that no one else has the same design!

The traditional wood floors are perfect for those who want a more light-filled and open space. This type of design is not as durable as other flooring options, so you will need to take extra care when installing it in your home or office. You will also have to make sure that you don’t have any pets or children running around!

You can also add some modern touches to your wood floors, such as a more contemporary rug and furniture.

Minimalist Home Design

Minimalistic design is the idea of creating a home that feels bigger on the inside. You can do this by combining different textures and colors to make it feel spacious, or you could use only one color for all your furnishings!

The idea behind this trend is how open space should feel: airy and light, with plenty of room to move around. This design is perfect for those who prefer a quieter lifestyle or live alone, but it also works well for families with pets. Minimalistic designs are all about using less space so that you can enjoy more space!

Modern homes are all about open spaces, natural light, and a minimalist feel. If you’re looking to design your new house or update the look of your current space, these six trends will have you covered. The sky’s the limit for exploring different home designs, so keep reading for more ideas on how to make your modern dream come true!