Forex trading can become a troublesome process to understand, especially when you have just started learning about it. There are several basic trading concepts, strategies, and terms you have to get familiar with to be a successful forex trader. If you want to learn more about forex trading, hang on with us as we will be sharing with you the basics to kickstart your trading career. You will be learning about the forex trading process, different types of trades, and tips that would help you get into the market and make your first trade with confidence.

Forex Trading Basics

For an individual who has started from scratch, the best way to start learning is by reviewing the basic terminology. Without further ado, here are the most common terms you will come across while learning trading skills.

Currency Pair

It’s a side-by-side quotation of two different currencies. The first currency represented is the base currency whereas the second one is denoted as the quote currency. Examples of the most common currency pairs are EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY.


The term pip refers to the difference between currency pairs and has a value of 0.0001. Let’s say that a currency pair like GBP/USD has improved in value from 2.76771 to 2.76781, the difference of 0.0001 will be denoted as 1 pip.


Think of margin as a good faith deposit that will be retained when you open a new position. It is the amount a trader needs to initiate a trade.


Spread is the difference between the selling and buying price of a currency pair. Normally, currency pairs that are traded more often have a very low spread whereas the ones traded rarely have a higher spread.

Bear and Bull Market

These terms are used to represent current trends in the market. A bear market means that the stocks are progressing in a downward direction whereas a bull market means that the stock price is rising.

These were a few common terms but there are still a lot of other important terms that you should know about if you want to start a successful forex trading journey.

Get Help From Professionals

If it is more challenging for you to understand and apply new concepts well and want to start your forex trading business under the guidance of professionals, then it is in your best interest to look for a reliable broker and a trustworthy trading platform. Professionals in the forex trading business emphasize that the forex trading mentor you choose should be abiding by all licensing and trading regulations set by the relevant authorities. Luckily, nowadays, you can easily find numerous forex market professionals offering their services to teach you the art of trading. Still, go with the ones that have all relevant certifications, can guide you through the process, and provide easy trading facilities. 

Essentials of Trading

Knowing the spread, margin, and the type of trade you want to enter are all essential information in forex trading. Let’s read on to understand these essentials and a few types of trading styles to refine our forex trading knowledge.

Short Trade

This type of trade is executed when you sell a commodity at the current price and wait for the market to go downhill after which the same stocks are bought again at a lower price. The difference between the selling and buying price will be your profit.

Long Trade

This entails buying stocks while the market is down and waiting for the value to rise. Similarly, the difference between the increased stock value and the buying price will be the payoff.

Ask and Bid Prices

The asking price is the amount you can comfortably pay when buying whereas the bid price represents the amount you choose when selling.

Market Analysis

Keeping track of current affairs, business news and market trends are necessary to become a successful trader. You can get your hands on some market analysis tools that present trading insights in an easy-to-understand manner. Make sure that the analysis tool you select should have the ability to update market analysis charts, graphs, and relevant data in real-time. Furthermore, these analysis tools are only capable of providing information regarding trading trends and should not be taken for granted when performing a trade.

Undoubtedly, forex trading is a business with huge potential in terms of profits but requires dedication, hard work, and knowledge of the basics. Lastly, try to improve basic knowledge by reviewing forex trading-related content, learn through demo trading accounts, and then implement the things you have learned for the best outcomes.