The Hippie culture has had a lasting effect on how we decorate our homes. They promoted a more natural life, and they did not believe in following trends or conforming to society’s standards. They advocated for freedom, love, and living off the land. The hippies were all about simplicity and their motto was “less is more.” This article will explore how these ideas can be applied to your home and what you can do to decorate it according to the Hippie movement! 

Dreamcatchers Are A Must

First of all, if you want to live the Hippie lifestyle, you will need a dreamcatcher. Have you ever walked into any hippie store where you haven’t seen a dreamcatcher hanging? No, the answer is no. All hippie stores have at least one dreamcatcher hanging somewhere. Dreamcatchers are Native American in origin, and they were used by the Ojibwa people to protect them from nightmares while they slept. There are two different styles of dreamcatchers, traditional and contemporary. The traditional one features feathers hanging down freely, whereas the contemporary style has strands connected together with beads or glass beads attached to it for decoration!

A dreamcatcher should be hung over the bed, not too high up but close enough for someone’s hand to reach. If you want to be extra careful about your dreams, hang two of them side by side!

Make Sure To Have Enough Incense Sticks And Candles

Next, you will need to think about making your home smell nice, and it is time for you to stock up on incense sticks. Incense sticks were used by the Hippies as a natural alternative for air fresheners because they liked their homes smelling like freshly baked goods or flowers. You can find different kinds of scents such as vanilla, chocolate, sandalwood, lavender, etc. Amazon even sells roll-on perfumes that are similar to incense, so you can get the same effect without burning any sticks!

If you want some extra ambiance at night, look into getting yourself a big candle. Candles give off a romantic glow, and this type of ambiance was very popular among the Hippies. One of their mottos was “Make Love, Not War”, and they often put on love songs and light candles to create a romantic atmosphere!

Throw Blankets And Cushions Will Also Come In Handy

If you’re going to decorate your home according to the hippie movement, you’ll definitely need a lot of throw blankets and pillows. They’ll go perfectly with your dreamcatchers and rugs to create a natural vibe in your home!

The thing about throw pillows is, the more they blend into the background, the better! A good way to achieve this effect would be to go for white or cream-colored ones as opposed to bright colors. If you want some extra color, though, there are always those multicolored circle cushions that were popular during the day. You know what we’re talking about, tons of different circles on one cushion with no real distinguishable pattern! 

Hang Some Artwork

In the 1970s, the artwork was made from recycled materials. This means you won’t have to worry about whether those pieces of art you want to hang will be too expensive, as long as you make them yourself! All it takes is a little bit of creativity and know-how! You can create beautiful wall art pieces or paintings using leaves, flowers, sand, shells, even your own drawings if you’re talented enough!

A lot of homes decorated according to this movement will usually feature exposed brick walls because back in the 70s they were popular. It’s best to decorate these walls with abstract artwork so that they match up with the hippie vibe your home is trying to achieve! 

Get Your Hands On Some Hemp-Made Products

Since the hippies loved nature, they would use a lot of hemp-based products to make their home items. Hemp is a vegetable fiber that’s harvested from the cannabis plant, and it produces a strong fabric that can be used for numerous purposes! Hemp cotton rope is ideal if your aim is to bring out that hippie vibe in your house. You can hang string lights with this rope or some lanterns on trees around the backyard. 

It’ll look just like those parties where everyone hung up flowers, bulbs, and other decoration items with twine! A great thing about using hemp material for household products is that you will know all its ingredients, so there won’t be any nasty surprises after you buy it! 

Hippies valued simplicity, freedom, love, and living off the land. They believed in breaking away from society’s standards and following their own path to happiness. These values can be applied not just in how you decorate your home but also with other aspects of life such as what kind of food you eat or where you live. The hippie movement has influenced our culture for many years by shaping the way we dress, think about relationships, family dynamics, and more! This article provides some tips on how to decorate one’s home according to the hippie movement, so you can bring back that free-spirited feeling in your home!