Adding value to your home beautifies your house and contributes to your wealth through home equity. It is very rare that the value of your home depreciates with time given that they appreciate each year and become more expensive when selling, unlike vehicles. Yet, there are numerous ways in which you can increase its value yourself especially if you are about to sell it. Even if you don’t plan on selling it anytime soon, adding and altering things about your home will give it a more luxurious feel and hopefully increase your family’s comfort. Read on below to learn how to efficiently increase the value of your house.

Renovate Your Home

To efficiently increase the value of your home you need to renovate it. It will be difficult to know what to change especially if you have been living there for so long, but you need to walk into your home as though you are the buyer. Look and inspect it from a buyer’s standpoint and be very critical when judging your home.

Add Innovative Designs  

If you are looking to make your home more modern and technology-inspired, then you should try to incorporate some innovative designs. One way to do so is by adding hidden rooms. A really interesting trick is to use swinging bookcases instead of doors. Also, if you are low on space or would like to add more space, you can install a murphy bed that goes back into your wall and turns into a sofa or desk from the other side.

Change the Windows

Windows that open inwards or outwards can sometimes take up a lot of space. If you happen to have one of those, upgrade your windows to an electronic one that opens with the click of a button. Although it may cost a small fortune, it will definitely intrigue anyone who is looking to purchase your home. If you already have an electronic window or something in the same vicinity, there are also electronic curtains that can be installed so that you do not have to get out of bed to close them each morning.  

Update the Kitchen

Whether your buyer enjoys cooking or not, cool gadgets will always add value to your kitchen. You can modernize the countertops and have cabinets that open up when pushing them in for better accessibility. You can also buy a new larger fridge or change the tiles, especially if their color has worn out.

Clean Your Home

The first and easiest way a real estate agent will tell you to efficiently increase the value of your home is by cleaning it. When looking at famous celebrities’ homes you will find that they are generally spotless as they have hired companies to clean every little corner of their home. You can find plenty of cleaning services around your area but before you hire a service be sure to research them thoroughly and read some of their reviews.

Add a Garden Shed

Adding a shed to your home almost always adds value to your home. If you have a large back or front yard, you can build or buy a shed to increase storage space. On the off chance that you are not in need of extra storage space, you can turn it into a creative workspace, or a secondary office to conduct your business in. You can also make it a play area for your kids so that they do not mess up your home indoors.

Inspect It

Another way your real estate agent will tell you to add value is by inspecting it. Inspecting every part of your home, including the pipes, sewers, drainage, walls, foundation and have checked for termites, allows new buyers to feel safe in your home. No new buyer wants a home that feels as though they must redo or fix most or part of it.

Add More Tech

An addition to your home that will contribute to its value is more technology. Too much technology and you will spend more than you will receive but spending on a sound system around your home or installing new ceramic heaters for instance will always be a bonus.


For your own and your family’s safety and contentment, if you have a little extra cash and can renovate and upgrade your home, then definitely go for it. Look for a time when most family members are busy with either work or school and will not be spending much time at home. This way you can efficiently and quickly make the changes and increase the value of your house.