Life is stressful, whether it’s because of traffic, work stress, juggling responsibilities, or doing errands. When we get home, we need to feel comfortable and wind down to release the constant stress. However, some rooms don’t give the cozy vibe that will de-stress us and we feel like we don’t know how to make them cozier. Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a huge amount of money to redecorate your room to get that vibe that will make you feel relaxed. The following ideas will transform your room with subtle yet effective changes that will give it a breath of fresh air.

Choose Cozy Colors

While it might be hard to change the sofa to find the right color for your living room, it is easier to change the colors of your bedroom by changing the sheets and blankets. You can also paint the walls to go with the color scheme you chose. Stick to 2-3 colors per room and if you are not sure which colors to choose, you can find palettes online that show you which colors combine together to give a relaxing feeling. Try to stick to neutral colors as they are easier on the eyes and they give you the flexibility to add colorful pieces that won’t feel odd.

Add Warm Lighting

Not any kind of lighting will give a room a cozy vibe, you need warm lighting to achieve the ambiance you want. Especially in bedrooms, overhead bright lights won’t help you relax and definitely won’t help you fall asleep right away. Lamps with warm bulbs are perfect for bedrooms and they also add a sense of intimacy. Natural light gives the same effect in any room as long as it is not direct bright sunlight. A set of candles gives a romantic or relaxed mood to your room if you can’t change the lights right away.

Cover Your Windows

Windows can make or break the cozy vibe you want to achieve. Blackout curtains are excellent for light sleepers to block the sunlight from entering the bedroom completely. In the living room, sheer linen curtains will allow indirect sunlight inside giving the warm lighting you want, but if the sun shines directly into your room, you can install hardwood shutters to block the sun rays and add more wood to the room. Having wooden furniture or shutters adds a sense of warmth to the room which will definitely make you feel comfortable. If you live in a cold climate, you can add heavy curtains with thermal linings to keep your room warm and cozy, but choose its color wisely.

Throw Lots of Pillows

Pillows are the symbol of comfort, relaxation, and sleep. The beautiful thing about pillows is that you can’t have enough of them and they can be used in different ways. You can cuddle with them while watching TV or put them under your feet to get more comfortable. With the right patterns and colors, pillows can transform the look of any room whether it’s the bedroom or the living room.

Bring Nature Inside

Foliage is your friend when you want a cozy room. Spice up your room with touches of green, whether it’s dried flowers, small potted plants, or large ones. Aside from giving the sense of calm, plants also purify the air from toxins. However, you need to know which plants to put in your room. Big plants or trees such as palms are suitable for big empty spaces, while a bouquet of fresh flowers will look beautiful on tabletops. If your plants need sunlight, then they must be positioned somewhere with access to direct sunlight. Keep in mind that some plants need more attention than others, so choose how much care you are willing to give to them.

Give Comfort to Your Feet With Rugs

Nothing is as boring as a plain floor. However, the solution is easy- throw in some rugs to get underfoot comfort and style to your room. A fluffy soft rug is the first thing your feet should feel after you wake up. There are such a variety of options available that you’re bound to find the right one that matches the style of your room. Rugs add texture to any room, making it feel cozy and homely more than ever.

These ideas will entirely change the outlook of any room and give it a cozy vibe. It is important to start with the colors of your room as they are the basis you can build on. Changing the ambiance of a room is as easy as changing light bulbs. Small pieces such as pillows, rugs, plants, or window shutters will enhance your comfort while making the room look stylish.