When people start to plan home renovations, they often focus first on the living room, kitchen, or bedroom. As these are the rooms where we tend to spend the most time, we naturally want to make sure that they are as comfortable and functional as possible before addressing other rooms in the house. To have the best quality of life, however, it is important to make sure that every room in our homes is perfect.

One room that is far too often overlooked is the bathroom. Many people see it as a totally functional room and so do not give their bathroom the love it deserves. A great bathroom upgrade, however, can be a real game-changer in the comfort of your home and its value. 

For everyone looking to take their bathroom to upgrade their bathroom, here are 4 easy steps to take your bathroom from ordinary to luxury.

Optimize the Lighting

Great lighting is a key factor in every great bathroom as most bathrooms have many mirrors, tiles, and a ceramic sink and bathtub, which act as fantastic reflectors of light. Many bathrooms are limited when it comes to the size and number of their windows, so being able to create great reflection within the room is an ideal solution to the problem of a lack of natural light. One way to instantly improve the lighting in your bathroom is by installing LED strip lights or panel lighting. These are ideal for a bathroom as they provide the optimum amount of functional light. Unlike other rooms in the home where it is important to strike a balance between functional lighting and mood lighting, the mood in your bathroom is not so important. LED lights are efficient, cost-effective, and are friendly to the environment. Lighting up your bathroom more effectively can totally transform it and really take the space to a new level.

Upgrade to a High-Tech Toilet

We have all seen the NASA levels of technology that are integrated into Japanese toilets, and while it has taken a few years, the trend has now started to catch on in the West in a big way. Whilst the toilet may not seem like a glamorous upgrade that can help you create a luxurious bathroom, the sheer number of features and functions which are now available on modern toilets is astounding. From heated seats to self-cleaning functions, the future really is now when it comes to toilet technology. If you don’t want to completely replace your traditional toilet due to cost or inconvenience, you can simply replace your old toilet seat with a high-tech bidet version. There are many different models available so you should check out a comparison chart to find the right model for you. Bidet toilet seats have various functions like heat and vibration as well as cleaning functions for your hygiene. They are very affordable these days and can really make your bathroom experience an enjoyable one.

Add a Freestanding Bathtub

While a common tub/shower combination is perfectly satisfactory, there is nothing more luxurious than a freestanding bathtub to really give your bathroom a classy look. Whether you choose one beautiful piece of ceramic or opt for a gothic style on gilded feet, a freestanding bathtub instantly elevates even the most humble of bathrooms to a whole new level. Many people are wary of freestanding tubs because they think you cannot fit a shower in them. If your bathtub is near a wall, you can attach the shower heads directly to the wall and install a drain underneath for the runoff water.   

Install Couple Sinks

Most of us find ourselves in a rush in the morning, and particularly for families or busy couples, couple sinks can be a real game-changer that allows everyone in your home to get ready quickly. Couple sinks have become very common in en suite bathrooms, but now more and more people are also putting them in their main bathroom for their children to use. Not only do multiple sinks save time and prevent morning arguments, but they also look great and add a touch of decadence to a bathroom. 

Taking your bathroom to another level is simple and can transform your life at home. Too many of us criminally overlook our bathrooms when we are upgrading our homes, but the advantages of a great bathroom are extensive. If you are thinking about redesigning your bathroom and making it more luxurious, try out these 4 easy steps, and you will soon see the benefits.