Have you ever lost a loved one, colleague, or friend? If you have, you’re probably no stranger to what it feels like to sit through the funeral of someone who played a significant part in your life. However, have you ever considered the significance of a funeral and why it is essential to say goodbye?

For centuries funerals have been held because they allow those close to the departed to celebrate them in a befitting manner. We’ll be considering some reasons why it’s crucial to say goodbye and how a funeral helps to achieve that

It Gives the Bereaved a Chance to Support Each Other

After someone dies, the people who feel the worst hit are those that were closest to them, and it takes a toll on them. It is important to have the right kind of support during these times and a funeral setting provides the support needed to deal with the loss. Everyone has a chance to share stories and beautiful memories and offer a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on.

Gives Room For Closure

After a loved one dies, it is standard for the spouse, children, and friends left behind to go through a stage of denial that doesn’t leave room for healing. A funeral can be one of the first steps needed to help those who are mourning a loved one’s demise gain some closure. It will give room for reality to set in after the final goodbye has been said.

It Allows the Bereaved to Celebrate the Lives of their Loved Ones

No funeral is organized to be a joyful event, however, it allows the bereaved to celebrate the deceased’s life. In this case special friends and family members can take turns sharing what made the dead special and how they touched people’s lives. Alternatively, eulogies and songs can be used to tell stories about their lives and say final goodbyes.

Allows The Deceased Memory To Be Preserved

Saying goodbyes by organizing a well-planned funeral service allows those mourning to preserve the memory of the deceased after the celebration of life. In most cases, these memories are preserved by erecting tombstones with an epitaph that means something to the family or signifies some of the core values the deceased stood for in their lifetime. Families who elect to have a funeral with cremation will be able to use a burial urn to help preserve their loved one and be able to keep the memory within their home. 

Families sometimes opt for less conventional ways of preserving the memory of their loved ones by erecting trees or setting up foundations.

Creates Room For Reconciliation

Time and time again we have seen funerals giving families a chance to reconcile with other family members, and friends. It gives room for individuals to take a closer look at their relationships, seek forgiveness, and make amends. This act of getting back together is possible through a sense of shared grief, where the parties involved put aside their differences and open up to a future after saying their goodbyes.


A Funeral is a great way to say goodbye to those who have been taken from us. Plus it brings closure, while creating room for family and friends to offer moral support go those who need it, and allow the memory of the deceased to remain with us after they are long gone.