If you have good communicative skills, then you may want to consider working with other people. Working with others can be very rewarding, not to mention entertaining. However, working with people isn’t enough for some people. If you are one such person and crave more than just human contact, then why not consider working with money? Any job that involves handling money naturally involves arithmetic, which can be a great way of keeping oneself engaged and occupied.  

This post will tell you about all of the jobs you can do that let you work with people and money.

Mortgage Underwriter

One profession that pays very well and enables you to work with people and money is mortgage underwriting. A mortgage underwriter works for a mortgage lender; they are individuals who assess and examine a person’s mortgage application in order to determine whether or not they are suitable for a loan. If you want to get into this line of work, then it’s worth taking courses designed to aid in working towards an exciting career in mortgage underwriting. You may also be expected to have a university-level degree in finance, depending on the employer. Before taking courses of any kind, take the time to check out online job listings and research job requirements. Taking the time to research job requirements will help you to get a clear idea of what employers will expect from you.

Independent Accountant

Independent accountant is another high-level job that pays very well. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to set yourself up as an independent accountant, because you will have to have a lot of experience, and also a university-level degree, otherwise, people probably won’t consider hiring you. The best way to get experience is to work for a large company for a while in their accounting department. Once you have sufficient experience, you can begin marketing your services online and freelancing, while simultaneously maintaining your job. When you have enough clients, you can quit your job and take independent accounting more seriously.

Bank Teller

Bank tellers are the people at banks responsible for handling customers’ money, placing deposits, and also facilitating over-the-counter withdrawals. Bank tellers are not required to have a lot of experience, although they are required to have good communicative skills. Communicative skills are a requirement for bank tellers since they have to work with hundreds of people each day. If a bank teller can’t effectively communicate, then they won’t be able to convey important information to customers, nor will they be able to collaborate with colleagues or create reports. Bank tellers are paid a reasonable amount of money, although not as much as the jobs listed previously.

Store Cashier

Cashier is the lowest-level job featured in this post. There aren’t many career development opportunities available to cashiers. With that said, it is still a rewarding career, suitable for young people or for people that just want a side job. If you are interested in getting a job as a cashier, then you should know that usually there are no degree or experience requirements. You can receive training on the job. If you want a job with the most potential for development and growth, then you should try to get a job as a cashier with a large chain store or mall.

Company Payroll

A job that involves working with people and money, albeit digital money (i.e., transfers), is payroll. Payroll is an element of most companies’ HR departments. In order to get a job in payroll, you will need to have a lot of experience in payroll and accounting. If you have an accounting degree from university then this will definitely benefit you and help you to get a job in payroll. You can also probably get an apprenticeship working in a company’s payroll department. An apprenticeship will make it easier for you to advance and develop within that company.

Business Ownership

Finally, if you want to work with people and your own money, then why not start your own business? More and more people are starting to form their own businesses. After all, what’s the point in working for another person and earning them money, when you could be earning yourself money and working toward total financial independence? If you are going to start your own business, it is strongly advised by most experts for you to work with a professional business planner who can help you to find your footing and get started on your own.

It’s a lot of fun working with people, but sometimes it can get a little boring (because it’s not challenging enough). If you are a person who likes a challenge, then why not work with people and money? The jobs outlined in this post are all exciting and engaging careers that are guaranteed to satisfy your desire for engagement.