Having a fireplace at home was not practical for everyone in the past. They were very hard to install or build and cost so much money to maintain. Now it’s an eco-friendly choice for electric fireplaces; they are also portable and cost-saving. Electric fireplaces are heating systems that display the appearance of natural gas, wood, or coal fireplaces. Many homeowners find them appealing, and if you are thinking about getting an electric fireplace, read until the end to know everything about them.

Electric Fireplaces Are Affordable

Installing a natural fireplace at home can be very expensive, and there are usually many complications with the installation. However, an electric one will save you a lot of money and be the most comfortable option for the installation. Electric fireplaces are cheaper to use because running a flame without heat costs only about 2 cents an hour, which is cheaper than burning wood or coal. If you set your electric fireplace to turn on the heat with the flame, it usually costs about 18 cents or less per hour. Therefore, they are cheaper to operate and install.

They also offer a safe experience at home; they do not let out any smoke or toxins. The glass on the front of your electric fireplace does not heat up and is safe to touch. They also don’t leak gas, so they are entirely safe against explosions. 

Installing An Electric Fireplace

Typically, they don’t require installing a chimney, vent, or flue and are easily installed using direct wiring. Their plug-in configurations are easy to follow, and the wiring comes in electric boxes. Usually, natural fireplaces require a lot of time to install and a lot of money for renovation work, including hooking up a natural gas line, venting, and a building permit. 

Electric fireplaces also come in beautiful designs for any modern home. They can turn into an entertainment source that matches the interior style of your house. Many reviews at https://www.essentialhomeandgarden.com/best-electric-fireplace/ suggest that electric fireplaces add a classy, elegant touch to any home. They also come in various colors that can be customized according to your choice of furniture design. Choose a wall-mount linear fireplace if you want to add an aesthetic touch to your walls; you can choose from a huge variety of patterns and textures. 

A Low-maintenance Option

Electric fireplaces require the least effort to maintain. You will not need to hire a chimney sweep or anyone to clean the fireplace or have regular inspections to ensure your fireplace is safe. The only thing that requires a bit of work when it comes to taking care of your electric fireplace is the firebox. 

The bulbs must be replaced every one to two years. Doesn’t sound like much work, does it? It certainly isn’t when compared to traditional wood fireplaces that require cleaning after every use. If you think the glass on your electric fireplace needs cleaning, all you need to do is use a damp cleaning towel and swipe it on the glass gently.

Check the user’s manual before opening any of the panels on the fireplace. If you do not have the manual, you can look up the instructions on the internet. Take your old light bulbs with you to the electric store if you are not sure what bulbs to use for your electric fireplace.

Types of Electric Fireplaces

Wall-mounted Fireplaces

They help in saving space in smaller houses. They are easier to install than fireplaces built in the wall, but most people prefer the look of a built-in fireplace in their living rooms. Still, they provide a warm and cozy addition to your living space.

Free Standing Fireplaces

They are electric fireplaces that can be placed against the wall anywhere in your home. They are also very easy to move around and come in corner designs to fit in any corner.

Media Console Fireplaces

Media console fireplaces are fireplaces installed into an entertainment center like your TV stand. They are more functional because they serve more than just heating and style purposes; they save space.

Electric Fireplace Inserts

These are perfect for people who no longer use their old natural fireplace and are still looking for an electrical alternative. You can easily insert an electric fireplace into the traditional fireplace and replace it; that’s why they are called electric fireplace inserts.

You can always ask for free in-home consultations from fireplace experts to help you determine what fireplace you need in your home. It’s the right time to ditch the old wood-burning methods and switch to a more energy-efficient source that serves other useful purposes besides giving heat.