Plumbing problems come in all shapes and sizes. Every household has to go through these problems once in a while. All hell breaks loose whenever there is a burst geyser or a choked pipeline. The main problem with plumbing problems is that a vast majority of them go undetected and the homeowner has to pay a huge bill for their repairs when they are on the verge of a breaking point.  Here is a list of the 6 most common plumbing problems and their solutions for the worried homeowner. 

1. Leaking Faucet That Refuses to Stop Leaking

If one imagines the most common plumbing issues, he finds a dripping faucet at the top of the list. In every household, it is common to see 1-2 faucets that continue to leak even if the owner tries to stop stubborn leakage. A leaky faucet is a very common problem that takes place with regular use and passage of time. You cannot stop leakage from a dripping faucet as some internal parts of the faucet become loose. They either need adjustment or replacement that is decided by the plumber when you call him to attend to this problem. Calling a plumber to solve the problem of a dripping faucet is the best solution if you do not have the tools to replace the faucet on your own.  

2. Leaking Boiler

A leaking boiler is a common plumbing problem affecting many homes around the country. It is a big concern for the homeowner as a leaking boiler can lead to corrosion and also the problem of mold in the house. It is always a prudent idea to attend to this problem as soon as leakage is detected as otherwise, you can expect to shell out a huge amount of money on repairs. In many cases, this leakage starts when the boiler is not able to withstand excess pressure as the release valve is not working properly. In other cases, corrosion of the body of the boiler leads to leakage. 

Sometimes, a very high temperature of the water inside the boiler can also cause leakage problems. This happens when the thermostat fitted to cut off electricity fails to do so and the temperature of the water continues to cross the boiling point. In other cases, the problem of leakage could be because of loose joints or worn-out pump seals. There is no point in ignoring the boiler leaking water issue as it can snowball into a massive problem with the passage of time. You can solve the problem of a leaking boiler yourself if you closely inspect the boiler to find the root cause of the problem. Before fixing, remove water and switch off electricity so that you can inspect the surface of the boiler closely for corrosion. Repair of the boiler is possible if corrosion is limited to a small area but if this corrosion has spread to a large area, it is better to go for a change of the boiler. 

3. The Problem of Running Toilet


Running toilets is a very common plumbing problem experienced by homeowners. In most instances, homeowners continue to ignore the problem until it becomes huge. Water keeps flowing out of the toilet and gets wasted. What homeowners do not realize is the fact that up to 200 gallons of water can be wasted from running toilets daily. The price of this wasted water alone justified repair of the problem of running toilets as soon as it is detected. The culprit in a vast majority of these cases is a faulty flapper valve that is fitted to control the passage of water from the tank to the bowl. This flapper valve kit is easily available at any hardware store. You can replace it in your toilet tank if you have the basic plumbing tools at home. In some cases, the leak is silent as it takes palace because of sediment deposit at the base of the tank. It is better to call in a qualified plumber to look into the problem of running toilets. 

4. Clogged Toilet

A clogged toilet can be a big nightmare for any homeowner. If the toilet bowl fills up and doesn’t durian, it is a clear indication that there is some blockage n the toilet drain. This problem is usually caused by a mixture of toilet paper and the human excreta and blocks the passage of water from the toilet into the drain. You can loosen the blockage by using specialized tools such as a sewer snake or a plunger. A plunger utilizes suction force to clear the blockage. The objective behind using a plunger is to break the obstruction that is preventing drainage through the toilet. If you are not sure if you can remove the blockage using these products, it is a better idea to call in drainage experts to clear the blockage from your toilet drain. 


5. The Problem of Low Pressure

One common plumbing problem experienced by many homeowners at times is that of water coming at low pressure. If you are facing this problem these days, it is better to confirm if your neighbors are also experiencing the same problem or not. If not, then low pressure is a result of faulty plumbing in your home. You need to check your pipes coming from the mainline whether there is any blockage or if some pipes have frozen. If you do not find any problem, it is a good idea to call in a qualified plumber to check the plumbing inside the house. 


6. Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes are a plumbing problem that can be a nightmare for the homeowner. It can lead to dampness and give an invitation to insects like cockroaches inside your home. The main reason for leaky pipes is water freezing during the winter season and pipes expanding in summers and contracting in the winter season. Pipes invariably start to leak at their joints. You need an experienced plumber to replace the leaky pipes in your house. 

Plumbing issues are inevitable in any household because of regular use and the passage of time. You can avoid paying huge bills for the repairs of plumbing problems if you take action quickly. Many of these problems snowball into major repairs costly lots of money in the future.