When it comes to buying a house, many people are completely unaware of the importance of a home inspection. Yet, this is often a requirement by many mortgage lenders, and it is only after the person has been conditionally approved for their mortgage that they are told that they must find a home inspector and have them view and inspect the property, checking for any potential damages or threats, natural or non-natural. If you are not convinced that you do need a home inspection before buying, then you have visited the right page.

Yes, in this article we are going to tell you about the importance of having a home inspection performed by a licensed and trained inspector before you buy and move into your home. We hope that, by the end of this page, that you will be able to move in smoothly and seamlessly.

Here is the importance of an inspection before buying your new home.

Structural Damage

If there were structural damage in your prospective home, it is very unlikely you would spot it. Unless, of course, you yourself were a home inspector! Even so, you would need a second opinion. Structural damage in your home can be a very big problem, which is why it is important for you to always have your home inspected before you buy it or move in. Any structural damage that is there will be your responsibility when you do buy it and move in if you do not have an inspector come in and check your new home out.

Water Damage

If there are any burst pipes or leaks, this can be a big problem later down the line. Water damage can be very problematic for homes and if you have moved into a home unaware of water damage, you could end up having to pay thousands to have it repaired. Because of this, you should always ensure that you have your home thoroughly inspected and that you have all of the pipework in your home looked at to ensure that there are no leaks or problems in the drainage system.

Risk to Life

There are some problems that could be a significant risk to life. Having your home inspected to rule out any of these will give you peace of mind, says ASBIR, a home inspection specialist. Peace of mind and obtain the knowledge that you are safe in your home and that there are no health hazards within your home is a great way to relax and unwind there. If you do not have your home inspected, there is always a potential risk to life present – you will never know.

Health Hazards

Health hazards, such as black mold, or other types of toxic mold, could potentially be present beyond the walls and in the frame of your house. If this is the case, you could become very sick and could even end up hospitalized. The only way to rule this out is to have a home inspector come and check your home out. Having your home checked out for these is very important. You do not know the house and you do not know its history. If you do not have it inspected, there could be mold hiding in the walls.

Natural Disasters

Some homes are more prone to natural disasters than others. For example, if the home you hope to buy has a river that runs next to it, then flooding is always a risk, equally, if you have a bunch of trees in your garden but the home is in an area prone to high winds and tornados, your home could become damaged. Natural disasters are something that a home inspector will check out and look at, ruling out and ensuring that your home is perfectly safe and that it will not become the victim of a natural disaster.


When you have your home inspected, not only will you be satisfied, but so too will your mortgage lender. When you have your home inspected, you can rest assured you will not have any unforeseen problems with your home occurring, and that your mortgage will be released. Being satisfied with your home is very important, as too is your mortgage lender is satisfied. Satisfaction can only ever truly occur when you have your home thoroughly inspected and cleared of any potential damages or threats. Yes, it is important that you do have your home inspected, and we hope to have explained why.

We hope to have, in this article, explained the importance of having a home inspector thoroughly examine and investigate your home to rule out any problems that it may have. Yes, you should now see quite how important it is. Thank you for reading, please do visit us again soon.