A good night’s sleep cannot be valued highly enough. Study after study has found that a proper night’s rest is needed for energy, health, creativity, good mood, strong relationships, and productivity at work. Every area of your life suffers when you skimp on good quality sleep.

Of course, some things negatively impact your sleep that you have no control over. Some nights the kids won’t stay in bed. Sometimes the dog is sick. Sometimes work is haunting your time at home. This being said, there are several things you can do in regards to your bedroom to promote higher quality sleep. 

The following will break down six ways you can tweak your bedroom to help encourage a deeper night’s rest.

1. Get Rid Of Technology, Especially Blue Lights

This one comes first because it is likely the hardest one to implement. Most of us have heard through the grapevine not to have our screens and light-emitting devices in our bedrooms, but we’re too addicted to our tech to follow this piece of advice. Having technology that emits blue light in your room while you sleep damages your rest. It’s ideal to also limit your exposure to blue light for two to three hours before bedtime, but this can be quite difficult for many people. Start by putting the screens in another room while you sleep.

2. Sort Out Your Mattress

Contrary to popular belief (and advertising claims), mattresses are not one-size-fits-all. Some people need things a little on the firm side. Some people need a little plusher. Do your research when selecting a mattress. You might be spending as much as a third of your time on top of it. Experts at sleepauthorities.com/puffy-mattress-review/ recommend that you read online reviews of mattresses before you order. They also emphasize that you should only ever purchase a mattress that has a 30-day trial sleep period. This way you can see how the mattress affects you and your rest before you commit.

3. Think About Color Carefully

It turns out that the colors surrounding us have a profound effect on our mood. The color of your bedroom walls and furnishings might be having a detrimental effect on your mental state which, in turn, affects how you fall asleep (and whether or not you wake up on the right side of the bed). Sometimes just a quick paint job can mean a world of difference when it comes to your sleep quality. Always research the psychological effect of your color choices before you make a purchase.

4. Window Coverings

Depending on where you live, a light might be streaming through your windows throughout the night. Humans have evolved to require darkness at night for the proper maintenance of their circadian rhythm. Your circadian rhythm is what regulates your sleep and contributes to your hormonal cycles. If your bedroom windows are letting in bright city lights or car lights after dark it might be time to seek out some dark, heavy, light-blocking window coverings.

5. Address Emotional Baggage In Your Space

Sometimes our mental and emotional states are to blame for poor sleep. If you’ve still got the bedding that you and your ex slept together in, or there are other reminders of negative emotional states in your space it’s time to move things around. Keep items that make you sad, lonely, or angry out of your bedroom. If you’re not ready to get rid of them completely, you can always store them in another room in your home.

6. Consider The Layout Of Your Space

Humans have evolved over a long time, but modern living hasn’t been around for very long at all. This means that sometimes our evolutionary traits are not aligned with the way we live. In particular, humans don’t like to be in positions where they can easily be snuck upon and will not be able to fully relax if this is the case. This prevents people from being surprised by lions, tigers, or bears. Of course, there’s almost zero chance of a bear wandering into your bedroom, but your biological form doesn’t know this. When laying out your bedroom furniture, make sure you can see what is going on in your room from bed and that there is no way a woodland creature could creep up on you without your knowledge. You’ll be surprised how much deeper you sleep.

There you have it, six-bedroom decor notes that can help you get a better night’s rest. High quality sleep should always be a priority for you and your loved ones. Without proper rest, all aspects of your life become duller.