We have all been there before, somehow, through hoarding or by accident, you have accumulated too much stuff. Is it time to see those corners that have been hidden by piles of papers for the last months or years? Have you got stacks of food containers that you don’t want to trash, but don’t know how to recycle? Is it time to sift through your stuff and get rid of the junk? Here’s what you need to know about getting rid of household junk? 

Set Goals

It may be overwhelming to get started with your junk purge, so setting goals can help you break down your task into manageable amounts. Perhaps you just want it organized, or perhaps you have a certain amount or a certain area you want to clear. Write down your goals and try to stick to them. 


Start separating your junk into garbage, trash to be recycled or reused, and the things you want to keep or things that might be worth selling. Once you have organized your junk you can get rid of the trash and start recycling what you can. 

Find Somewhere For Your Garbage

Depending on the scale of your clear-out, you will need somewhere to put all your trash for collection. No one wants a pile of garbage sitting out on their street. The experts at top3skiphire.com.au provide some good advice and recommendations on skip sizes and hire and companies to work with. A skip bin may be the most efficient and least unsightly method for you to collect and dispose of your garbage. If you have cleaning services working for you regularly, you may also look into having them deal with the collection and disposal of your garbage. You, however, might have to add a little extra on your usual fees, as professional cleaning prices in Sydney do not typically include garbage collection and disposal.

Try to find homes for your unused junk

There are many ways you can find a good home for unneeded items, from putting a sign in your front yard, to contacting charities or making listings online. It is worth putting some time to research the ways you can pass on your junk locally.  You never know who might want your unwanted junk. Make sure you separate materials that can be recycled and get them to your local recycling facility. It is also a good idea to label all the boxes or containers for the items going to different locations. 

Be ruthless

Throwing away trash is easy, but letting go of junk can be difficult. Try to be as ruthless as you can, if you are not using it, or it has been there for too long, then someone else might make better use of it. When you find yourself putting something in the ‘keep’ pile, you should evaluate why you need it, is it worth anything, and whether or not you have the space to store it. Try to resist the urge to rescue it from the trash, you may have to repeat the step on your next clear out. 

With a mix of practicality, planning, and ruthlessness you can get rid of your household junk efficiently and reduce the stress of a spring clean. Getting rid of your junk can be a cleansing process and you can gain the benefits of a decluttered home. So take some time, and plan out the next time you will be getting rid of your household junk.