What captures the heart is what is in the mind. This is what guides many people’s decisions when in search of comfort and if you guessed right, it applies perfectly to the hospitality industry. When guests come to your hotel to dine, spend the night, or stay a few days, they should check out smiling, happy, and satisfied. Guest satisfaction is one of the pillars of success in the hotel industry, especially considering how competitive it is. Well, good hygiene is among the things that influence guest satisfaction, and the few points below explain why.

1. Keeps Pests Away 

Nothing can ruin a hotel’s reputation more than the site of a cockroach or fly in the vicinity! As we all know, most pests are attracted to unhygienic and unsanitary conditions or areas. If you leave food leftovers, spillages, and garbage lying around haphazardly, it is easy to attract various pests into the facility. These may range from roaches to rodents, ants, flies, and other “unwanted guests” that may scare your actual guests away. This is why the folks at Viking PC recommend looking into professional and discreet pest control for hotels if you are in the hospitality industry. Along with the ones mentioned above, an experienced pest control service can help ensure your establishment is free from other unwanted visitors such as the following:

  • Bedbugs (for hotels with lodges and rooms)
  • Weevils, beetles, mites, and moths (these attack stored products)
  • Mosquitoes
  • Pest birds
  • Wasps and hornets

2. Food Safety 

Guests need to be satisfied from what meets their sight first to what they touch, see, eat, and hear. Good hygiene ensures that your guests get good food that is free from contamination. For starters, the chefs, waiters, and other hotel personnel in service need to maintain high levels of personal hygiene to win their guests’ confidence. The indoor and outdoor environments also need to be clean and sanitized to prevent both visible and invisible bugs that lead to food poisoning.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness is a song that has been sung for centuries, and perhaps we will only know its truth on judgment day. Take that lightly, though. However, to avoid the spread of sickness, diseases, and food contamination in the hotels, one must maintain high hygiene standards. Surfaces should be sanitized regularly, and the proper sanitation procedures followed to maintain high ratings and a good reputation.

3. Enhances Employee Productivity 

This is a service industry, and for your hotel business to flourish, you have to ensure that your staff is comfortable and happy working in that environment. You can increase employee motivation by giving them a good salary and ensuring they work in a clean environment. Proper hygiene also means providing them with adequate working gear and equipment, which should also be cleaned regularly by the respective personnel. If your team looks clean, hygienic, and happy, your guests will also follow suit. Investing in training for your staff will also go a long way in ensuring the same.

In a nutshell, good hygiene is required in the hospitality industry. The hotels that manage to always observe high standards of hygiene always come out more competitive. They are more attractive to hotel guests, and, along with quality service, guest satisfaction is almost always guaranteed.