We all love the sound of our favorite song, the warm feeling around our hearts while listening to the jams of a great band, and yet sometimes, whether we are practicing or simply listening, the noise complaints are coming from the people living next to us. It can be quite distracting when you have to keep track of how loud you are while practicing the guitar, or throwing a party. This brings up the question; are there ways to keep the sound down without actually having to lower it? Well, the short answer is yes. And in the text below, we’ll discuss how you can enjoy music without the neighbors complaining. 


Well, the most obvious way of lowering the noise while enjoying some music is by using a pair of quality headphones. But, you’ll need to consider what your end game is; is it just listening to music for the sake of listening, or are you more interested in having a better experience and hearing all the little sounds and fine tones, or are you practicing on your electric guitar? Your final decision really depends on the headphones’ purpose and overall use. A pair of quality headphones is more of an investment rather than simply spending, as it can last you a lifetime while providing an excellent experience. There is a reason why some headphones are extremely pricey, as they are better at isolating specific sounds, which are important for musicians and lovers of good music. There are plenty of options to choose from, each with its specific pros and cons. Just pick a pair you are most comfortable with and enjoy.  


If you just want to play something in the background while doing basic chores around the house, or you want to practice with your little band in the garage, maybe soundproofing is a much better option. Soundproofing the house is perfect for lowering the overall noise you make, not just from listening to or playing music but from basic daily things like vacuuming, doing the dishes, or drilling a wall to put up a picture. All the noise you make can be muffled and absorbed by the soundproof isolation. Soundproofing isolation can be done by professionals whose slogan is “no noise allowed in or out,” making your home the perfect music lover’s place. The process will take time as a team has to double the mass of the wall with extra soundproof foam, and they’ll have to make sure all the excess points are sealed. This means putting foam in all the little cracks and holes, tightening up all the doors, adding cups to chimneys, paying extra attention to the attic and roof, and maybe even replacing your current windows with quality storm windows instead. 

It’s perfect if you throw house parties, play loud music while listening to your favorite track, have a little recording studio attached to the house, or love practicing with your friends in the garage. Whatever the case might be, after doing all the above-mentioned, there is no way any of your neighbors will hear anything; not even the slightest creak. 

Choose the time 

Well, the easiest and maybe most affordable solution is to choose the time and place when you’re playing music. For example, there are times of the day when most people have nothing against someone playing or listening to loud music. For example, anywhere between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. might be a perfect time as most people are working. It really becomes an issue when you play it after dinner, as families are trying to enjoy a nice meal together, couples just want to relax on the couch, students want to study after school, etc. So, try using this part of the day to avoid complaints and especially avoid listening to loud music after 10 p.m., as most people are getting ready for bed and have to get up early for work in the morning. You’ll still have 7 to 8 hours of the day for practicing and listening to music. 

Also, during the holiday season, when everyone is in a good mood, you can play it loud as people are expecting a great holiday atmosphere full of songs and joy. 

Be considerate of others 

If you have elderly neighbors or students who study until the morning, maybe the best thing to do is to be nice and ask them if they have a problem with the noise and whether you need to lower it or not. If approached nicely and friendly, most people will give you their permission with simple instructions on how loud you can play it and when. And although it seems like a bit of a restriction, the key to a healthy community is having the needs of others in mind. 

Rent a studio for a couple of hours 

If you have to work on a new song, maybe renting a studio for the weekend is a much better option than staying at home. If your budget allows it, we highly advise doing this as the equipment at the studio is usually better than the one you have at home, and the final result will be a better track. And you’ll avoid complaints and unpleasant encounters with the police as well. 

Last but not least, buy quality equipment and instruments as it allows you to extract a better sound without making too much noise. Follow this advice and enjoy your music.