As a parent, one of your main concerns is likely keeping your children entertained. Since the pandemic first began several years ago, lockdowns have become very common, and as a consequence, it has been very hard for many parents to keep their children occupied.

However, just because it’s difficult to keep your children occupied and entertained during quarantines, that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, or that you can’t successfully do it.

This post will explore this topic in a lot of detail, offering some simple tips for having fun with your kids when you’re all stuck in quarantine or lockdown.

Target Practice

If you have a large garden, then you could invest in a gel blaster and use it outside if its legal in your area. A lot of people find that using a gel blaster at home is very fun. While you probably won’t be able to have a full-on shoot-out with your children, you can certainly set up some cans and bottles and have a little target practice with them. Make sure that you use your gel blaster safely, especially if your children are young.

Playing Chess

Chess is a very entertaining game. With that said, a lot of people don’t like it and find it too slow. If this is the case for you, then skip over this point and move to the next section. One of the reasons that chess is such a good game to play with your children is because it is scientifically proven to boost their intelligence. When your children play chess, their IQs will actually increase. If you do not have a chess board, you can play computerized chess on your phone, laptop, or tablet.

Movie Marathon

A movie marathon is always fun, regardless of the time of day. If you and your children are stuck indoors, then why not select a movie franchise, and then watch it together? Naturally, you will need snacks and food if you are going to have a franchise, and thanks to grocery delivery services, they won’t be hard for you to get. Make sure that everybody is in agreement about the movies that you are going to watch. If one of your children isn’t happy then you should give them an opportunity to suggest an alternative film franchise.

Reading Books

Books are another extremely effective way of increasing your children’s intelligence. It’s also worth noting that books are a good way to calm your children down, which can be extremely useful when you are all stuck indoors. However, not all children like books; you shouldn’t force your kids to read if they don’t want to. It is something that some children take to, and others don’t. If you are all going to read books together at the same time, then you could have a book club afterward, where you discuss your thoughts and explain individually what you have learned from your chosen book.

Building Forts

If you have very young children and want to entertain them, then why not build a fort? Building a fort can be very fun. If you are going to build a fort with your children, then you can build it out of cushions or alternatively out of cardboard boxes. If you want to go one step further, then you can order a ready-to-assemble children’s fort kit. You can then build the fort directly from the box. If you are going to build a fort then be sure to do it in a room where there isn’t a lot of foot traffic so that it doesn’t get in the way.

Taking Classes

If your children are teenagers, you could consider taking online classes with them, of course in a subject that they are interested in. If they are off school before lockdowns, then you could teach them. It can be very hard for children to absorb material from online classes sometimes, so perhaps you teaching them will be a more effective way of getting them to learn while at home. Make sure that if you are teaching them that you aren’t too pushy and that you understand everybody learns differently. Some parents become unbearable when they are trying to teach things to their children.

Having Conversations

One of the best ways to occupy your time and entertain your children is to talk. Having conversations can be a lot of fun. When you are having conversations with your children, the most engaging ones are ones that are rooted in subjects in which they are interested. You should not force your child to talk about a subject they have no interest in (but that you do), because it will become more of a lecture than a conversation. Lecturing your children will bore them.

Cooking Together

Cooking is a very good way of improving your mental health, and physical health, since it enables you to prepare healthier meals for yourself. A lot of young people today have absolutely no idea how to cook because they have never had a parent cooking proper meals for them at home before or because they have no interest in it. However, just because they don’t have an interest in it now that’s not to say that they won’t if you bring them into the kitchen with you and show them how fun it can be. Cooking can be very entertaining. A good way of getting your children’s attention is to cook their favorite meal for them and invite them to help.

Board Games

Board games are one of the most effective ways of entertaining your children. Most people have board games lying around at home, although if you don’t but you do have a computer, then you can play a digital board game with your children. You can also pick up board games at second-hand shops and on e-commerce sites like eBay. If you are going to play board games, then try to play one that your children are actually interested in.

If you are locked down or stuck in quarantine with your children, then you’re all probably going a little mad. Finding things to do can be very difficult. All of the things suggested in this post are great ways to counter the unavoidable boredom of lockdowns and quarantines, so give them consideration.