Budget Calculator for Australians

Use our handy budgeting calculator to get a better picture of your current spending habits and help you plan toward your future goals.

Budgeting Tips

  1. Keep to your budget: a budget is only as effective as you keeping to it.
  2. Make a budget which is practical: don’t budget too tight that you can’t stick to it long term. It’s better to be realistic and consistent, than too conservative and constantly fail.
  3. Track your spending: To make sure you’re keeping to your budget, track your spending. There’s plenty of apps and even some banks now have handy tools to help you track your spending and calculate where you’re spending the most money each month
  4. Save don’t borrow: If you want to upgrade a TV or buy a new gadget, save for it instead of whacking it on the credit card. This will potentially save you thousands over the life of that purchase.
  5. Factor in for random expenses in your budget: Your weekly budget can’t account for everything, so factor in a small excess of funds you save each week for emergencies that way you don’t blow your budget if your car breaks down or some other emergency pops up.

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Disclaimer:  The calculations do not take into account all fees and charges. The results provided by this calculator are an estimate only, and should not be relied on for the purpose of making a decision in relation to a loan. Interest rates and other costs can change over time, affecting the total cost of the loan. Borrowers should consider discussing their individual situation with a qualified Australian Credit Licensee or authorised Credit Representative.