The Sunrise Cash Cow is a popular segment of the Sunrise show that’s broadcast on Channel 7 from Monday through to Friday. The show has one champ every day who has around 124 prize victors. However, if the champ does not answer a call after their phone rings three times, the $10,000 bonanza is given the following day, and this will continue to proceed until the victor answers their call.

However, there is a little more to the Sunrise Cash Cow, that you should know, and especially if you want to win the $10,000 cash prize or one of the jackpots.

Who Is Eligible to Win the Prize Money Generated from Sunrise Cash Cow?

To be eligible viewers have to meet certain conditions, some of which are:

  • They should be viewers of the Sunrise show each morning so that they have each day’s code word. They then need to call the number provided on screen or SMS that code word along with their state, name, address and contact number to enter.
  • Viewers can use any of the otherwise 124 code words that are given throughout the show.
  • The minimum age for an entrant is 18 years.
  • Viewers need to be in a location where they receive Channel 7.

Note: Employees of Channel 7 and their families aren’t allowed to enter Sunrise Cash Cow promotions. Also, individuals who work in subsidiary organizations don’t qualify either.

What Does it Cost to Enter the Sunrise Cash Cow Competition?

Well, you have many different choices here. For instance, you can enter by using the code word and sending your contact information. A couple of other methods include:

  • Calling 1902 55 77 07 which costs $0.55 for all fixed lines but calls via a mobile phone will be more expensive.
  • Viewers can also SMS the code to 19 777 077, and that costs an entry fee of $0.55.
  • You can also use your cell phones to visit Sunrise site and snap on the cash cow prior to choosing alternatives. A single entry is $0.55; two entries is $1.05, and $2.50 for five entries etc.
  • A passage made via a cell phone is going to be changed depending on what the viewer wants.

What Happens During the Competition?

Now for starters, people need to be watching the competition and take an interest in it so that they can comprehend what is going on and then accordingly consent to the conditions. Here are a couple of things worth considering about the promotion:

  • Every victor will win $10k on one day, or they can win a large sum if a champ chosen earlier in the day didn’t pick up their telephone after it rings three times.
  • Now if a victor is unable to answer their phone, within the 3 rings, they still get $500, but the prize will go to the guest on the following day.
  • When a person pickups the telephone when they are called on time, in that case, they get a cheque for the amount.
  • At a point when the person watching the show willingly consents to partake in the show, they acknowledge each article associated with it like photography, meetings, etc. Plus the system is allowed to use the recording across all media in the entire world with no added expense.
  • Victors are also not allowed to give their photos or offer their story to any competing channel other than Channel 7.
  • Victors also need to sign a few documents as outlined by the advertiser.

How Should Champs Respond to the Call?

There is are specific conditions regarding how champs need to answer the call they receive. The host, along with the dawn treasure trove, will often announce that they are going to call up the day’s champ. Here is what happens when a call is placed:

  • The victor needs to receive the call ASAP, to guarantee their cash price or else they will end up relinquishing it and instead get $500. That relinquished bonanza is then carried over to the next day’s pool.
  • Champs are only called on the phone number they used to enter.
  • Now in the event, someone else in the household or office picks up the phone, the show’s host has the option to decide if they want to give the cash price or not.
  • If the phone switches to voice mail, the message is deemed as being invalid and so they (victor) forfeit the cash prize.
  • Most Cash Cow champs are called between 5:30 am, and 9 am AEST. However, victors don’t need to say anything specific when they answer the phone. Just answer like they normally do with any other call.

A Few Frequently Asked Questions About Sunrise Cash Cow

In addition to the above people wanting to participate may have a couple of more questions. Below are some of the most common ones:

Why can’t you enter the competition by calling the provided 1902 number?

It is unfortunate but the infrastructure that once made 1902 phone calls possible has been discontinued by the carrier of the show who provided the phone lines, and so that service is not working anymore. However, you are still welcome to enter via SMS or your smartphone.

Can the Home Phone Number be Entered when entering the competition via SMS?

Fortunately, you can. The show acknowledges that the early hours of the day merits that most people will be at home. However, when entering via SMS make sure to include the daily code word, your name, address as well as the home phone number, and that’s the number they show will call.

Is it Possible to Enter Sunrise Cash Cow Online?

Yes, it is possible to enter via a smartphone by visiting, but you shouldn’t be connected to your WiFi when entering. Plus Vodafone and Telstra customers can’t use this method.