The wedding day is the most important day in every bride’s life. It’s a special occasion that deserves to be celebrated and enjoyed by all involved. To make your wedding one of a kind, it can take some time and effort to find wedding ideas you love. With these six wedding ideas, you’ll have no problem standing out from the crowd!

Choose a color scheme that is different from the norm

Choosing a different color scheme will help guests to remember it for years. It is more likely that people will talk about a wedding where they felt something was different than normal. A wedding might be remembered because of its outfit or just due to its beauty, but if you choose an interesting color scheme then your wedding day won’t go unnoticed by anybody who attended it!

If you would like some inspiration on how to pick out these colors, look at flowers and nature around us in order to find unique combinations which will give life to any wedding location. If there are no flower gardens nearby, why not try using paint? You can decorate anything with color, even food items can become part of the wedding’s decoration thanks to this inexpensive way of beautifying things up!

Arrive in a limo 

Arriving in the classiest way possible, a limousine can make wedding guests look twice and make your wedding stand out. A limo can also help you feel confident that you made the right choice in choosing a wedding car service.

Coming to the event in style can blow your guests away, plus you’ll have a campaign and entertainment along the way. Just like the guys at would say: “Let the memories begin before you’ve even arrived”. A fun ride through town with your bride-to-be is possibly the best way to start your big day. 

Limo rentals aren’t even that expensive, and they’re worth every single penny.

Hire a more famous band

Imagine bringing a famous band everyone likes and loves to your wedding and it suddenly becomes a big hit. That’s what can happen when you hire a band that everyone knows and likes, even if they aren’t famous in their own right! If this is something you want for your wedding then here are some tips on how to make it happen.

They don’t even have to pay the full night, but having them there will be enough to get people dancing and excited. Some wedding bands will charge an arm and a leg for such a big event, so you may want to think about hiring the band just for part of the night or even just one set. This way they can play some songs that everyone knows and loves while still getting paid more than if they were only there until midnight like every wedding band does!

Most wedding bands do not let guests request their own songs because it’s distracting from what is going on with the wedding party but when booking a famous wedding band this isn’t something you need to worry about as much since most guests simply won’t know how to find them online in order to ask questions which means no distractions at all.

Book an unconventional venue

The venue of your wedding can be the difference between a wedding to remember and one that is just another wedding. Therefore, it’s important you pick the right venue for your big day. Here are six unconventional wedding ideas that will make yours stand out:

  • A restaurant or lounge
  • An art gallery 
  • A museum
  • A farmhouse
  • A yacht 
  • The desert

Serve unconventional food 

Unconventional food is wedding food that doesn’t fit the traditional wedding menu, like tacos or sushi. Serving this kind of food at a wedding is an excellent idea because it allows guests to eat what they want and enjoy themselves more without worrying about sticking with tradition. For example, if some people don’t like ham for their wedding meal but love seafood, serving lobster rolls at the wedding is a great choice.

Unconventional food also allows couples to give their wedding that personal touch by serving foods they love, like tacos or sushi rolls. Traditional wedding dishes are usually not memorable because everyone expects them.

Have a signature drink for guests to enjoy  

Signature drinks for your own big day will help to make the wedding stand out. Whether you’re serving cocktails or wine, having a signature drink will set your wedding apart from others and give people something memorable to look back on after it’s all over.

Your wedding is one of the most important moments in your life and you should make it memorable. Arrive in a limousine like a classy couple, and have an unconventional venue with a different color scheme, food, and signature drinks. Since there has to be music, why not hire a famous band that everyone will remember. With these ideas, there is no way anyone will leave your event early!