If you aspire to have a faith-inspired decoration in your house, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate your Christian beliefs and remind yourself and your family of the Lord’s words in an inspiring and creative way. 

Even though it may seem counterintuitive to worry about the way your house looks, you will soon figure out that it’s the best way to embrace the Lord into your life. In no particular order, here are some tips for decorating a Christian-themed home.

Design Your Home with Your Family in Mind

The idea behind decorating a Christian-themed home is to have an inviting and welcoming space that emanates peace and love. The feeling of coziness built upon family memories can only be achieved through authenticity, and you cannot emulate that even if you try. Take your time to consider your family’s needs before anything else, especially if you have young children. Decorate the shared rooms balancing a pleasing look with comfortable furniture. Strive to find visual balance while arranging contrasting elements and always prioritize having a well-lit home. After all, it wouldn’t feel like a Christian home if your family did their daily chores surrounded by darkness in the middle of the day. Different-sized furniture will help you bring a new balance to your home without falling into vain or empty objects that won’t bring any joy to your safe space.

Decorate with Scripture and Bible Verse Art

If you’re interested in reminding yourself and your family about what’s truly important in life, an excellent way to incorporate the teachings of the Lord into your home is by hanging some beautiful canvas art in shared spaces around the house. The professionals at christianwalls.com point out that getting a customized scripture canvas is one of the most popular ways many homeowners have chosen to welcome God into their homes. The main advantage of selecting the canvas size and design according to your preferences is that you can combine it with other decorative elements as you desire. Don’t lose sight of what’s essential while selecting the art you wish to display in your home since you can’t take your earthly home with you once you’re welcomed into His reign.

If you’ve decided to add other types of scripture art inside your home, it’s a great idea if you openly exhibit gifts that you’ve received from fellow church members. Any space that looks like it has people currently living in it will always be far more inviting than a pristine, almost sterile area with no signs of human intervention. Small but significant details like these can be the perfect conversation-starter for anyone who enters your home.

Follow Homemaking Guidelines

Any Christian household has the potential of becoming a place of refuge for its believers, and for you, it should be a top priority to offer a home filled with peace and love for your loved ones. The art of homemaking requires having clean and organized spaces, but it also implies trying to better ourselves constantly with our whole hearts. In Ecclesiastes 9:10, the Bible tells us that you need to do with all your might whatever your hands find to do. 

In this case, always thrive on learning new skills to improve your homemaking capabilities. An easy way to start is through a mood board. You can begin by choosing a basic color palette for the entire house. Some factors like sunlight and existing furniture may determine the final product but an excellent way to guide your efforts is to have neutral colors and a few strong tones to enhance the coziness of your home. Keeping your relationship with God as your priority should guide your crafting ideas to achieve a welcoming haven from the world’s overwhelming sorrows.

Having a loving, peaceful refuge where the Lord’s teachings are openly embraced requires you to invest some time and effort to find the best elements while maintaining a humble perspective on earthly matters. It’s essential to cultivate an environment where Christian values are tastefully represented in your interior in a way that invites your family to embrace the teachings of Christ. Learn and develop different homemaking skills to fully embrace your calling, take care of your family, and keep the Bible verses close to your heart when you’re in doubt. Any family enjoys spending time together in a clean, welcoming space, so it’s also a good idea to set schedules, daily tasks, and routines to help you with your homemaking mission. Whatever path you choose for decorating your Christian-themed home, always keep God close to your heart!