Marketing is an ever-changing field. “Out with the old, in with the new” is pretty much every marketer’s motto. As an expert marketer or a business owner, you should always be up to date with the latest trends to continue driving sales and making profits. when it comes to potent advertising strategies, webinar marketing is essentially the new kid on the block. 

Although this mode of advertising has not been on the scene for long, it has proven very effective. This is especially true now, considering that most customers cannot attend real-life conventions or visit brick-and-mortar stores to buy products due to COVID-19. If you want to capitalize on webinar marketing, here is everything you need to know about it.

What Does the Concept “Webinar Marketing” Refer to?

Considering how new webinar marketing is, it makes sense that you may have not heard about it before. In a nutshell, the term “webinar” is a combination of two words: “web” and “seminar.” According to this definition, you can probably deduce that webinar marketing is an advertising strategy that relies on finding leads and converting them to customers via online seminars. 

Commonly, webinars involve lengthy Q&A sessions and sales pitches. A webinar aims to highlight the merits of a certain product or service, enticing leads to give it a chance. Sometimes, they act as a way of expanding on promotional blog posts. Overall, webinars are very popular nowadays and get much traction. If they are utilized correctly, they can make a great difference in the sales and engagement rates of the business in question.

Is Webinar Marketing Effective?

Now that we got you excited about webinar marketing, you may still be wondering why you should choose it over other tried-and-true advertising techniques, so let’s talk statistics. According to recent studies, 40% of webinar attendees have expressed that this method of marketing is better at keeping them interested than any other technique. 

It has also been found that around 20-40% of attendees become official leads and almost 10% of them immediately make purchases after a webinar is over. It is not hard to see why webinar marketing is gaining more momentum day after day, but if you still need more convincing, rest assured that there are plenty of other reasons why you should invest time in mastering this strategy. Simply put, webinars are more convenient, not to mention safer, than holding real-life conventions. Moreover, because they are held on the web, they help you expand your customer base to include leads from all over the world.

How to Hold a Successful Webinar?

To master the art of webinar marketing, there are some easy tips you can employ. These include but are not limited to the following:

Finding a Stable Platform

Holding an important marketing webinar on Zoom or Skype does not exactly scream “professional.” Furthermore, these platforms usually come with their own set of technical issues. Based on the information provided in this Economic Secretariat article, instead of wasting your precious time figuring out the technicalities of these services, you should opt for a platform that is specially optimized for holding webinars with a large number of attendees. Just note that most of the best available webinar platforms are not free, so you will have to invest some money if you are looking for one that includes a big bundle of features. However, some of them come with monthly subscriptions, which means that you can try them for a short period and decide whether they are for you.

Practicing Your Pitch

Because webinars can feel more laid back than mainstream promotional conventions, you may think that you do not have to put in much effort to impress your attendees. However, this could not be further from the truth. You still need to nail your pitch to convert your attendees into leads. To be at the top of your game, we recommend that you practice your pitch at least 2 weeks before the webinar and account for all the questions the attendees may raise.

Keeping It Interesting

You must humanize your brand if you want to stand any chance of wowing your potential customers. So, avoid boring them with dozens of slides and get straight to the point. Explain the purpose of your product or service and how it can make their lives easier. Moreover, include real-life testimonies, stories, and experiences to further bolster your claims. You may also want to give out a discount for those who have joined your webinar to entice them to finalize purchases right away.

You cannot expect to take your business to the next level if you still have not utilized webinar marketing. By upping your engagement, creating excitement, and raising brand awareness, webinars will help you turn a profit and generate more income. So, what are you waiting for? Find a suitable platform and hold your first webinar!