First-time parents are often excited and anxious about their new arrival. There are so many things to prepare and get ready for the baby. There are many items that parents will need, so there are some nice gifts that can be given to them. Here are four useful gifts that can help make life a little easier for first-time parents.

A Breast Pump

A breast pump is a great gift for new mothers. It is used to express milk and store it for later use. It works by extracting milk from the breasts using suction. There are manual and electric breast pumps available. A breast pump is a great gift for new mothers because it can help them to maintain their milk supply. It can also be helpful if the mother needs to return to work. She can express milk during her break and store it in the fridge or freezer.

Here is what to look out for when choosing a pump:

Suction Strength

The suction strength of the breast pump is very important. A strong suction can help to express more milk and will be better for building up a good milk supply. Automatic pumps usually have stronger suction than manual pumps.

Ease of Cleaning

The pump should be easy to dismantle and clean. Some pumps separate into half a dozen or so pieces, with most parts being able to go into the dishwasher. This is great for new parents who may not have time to clean everything by hand.

Noise Level

Breast pumps can be noisy, so it is important that they are relatively quiet. Electric ones will usually be more expensive than manual ones but they tend to be quieter.


Manual pumps will need to be squeezed for suction to work, which can get tiring. Electric breast pumps usually come with a soft massage cushion that is designed to reduce the tension on the nipples and make it easier for new mothers to express milk. Look out for a pump that has a comfortable massage cushion.

Value for Money

Electric breast pumps are usually more expensive than manual ones, but they are also stronger and easier to clean. Most hospitals recommend electric pumps because they can help women to establish a good milk supply and discourage babies from becoming nipple-confused. However, if the mother has strong hands and is committed to using a manual pump, they may find that there is no need to spend extra on an electric one.

Pram Baby Bag

Essential to any mother on the move, pram bags have become not only a functional item but also a style statement. When looking for a pram baby bag you want to consider the materials used, size and straps used. Ideally you want a strap which can withstand hanging from a pram without risk of breaking, whilst still being comfortable if slung over the shoulder.

Comforting Humidifier

A comforting humidifier makes for a great baby gift that new parents will really appreciate. It provides comfort and helps to soothe a baby when they are sleeping. They can be used as part-time humidifiers for homes with dry air, especially during the winter months. It also provides moisture in homes that have central heating throughout the year or those that have fireplaces.

Humidifiers release steam into the air which creates condensation and adds moisture to the dry air. They are especially great for infants who have breathing problems caused by colds. The moisture in the room can help to clear up a baby’s stuffy nose and improve sleep quality.

A comforting humidifier makes a great baby gift because it is practical and useful. It benefits the whole family by adding moisture to the air in the home.

Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is a very welcome baby shower gift for new parents, especially if they are going to be traveling with their infant during the first few months. The right-sized bag can help to keep parents organized and it should have plenty of pockets containing all the items that parents will need to carry for their baby.

There are many different styles of diaper bags available, including standard messenger-style bags, backpack-style diaper bags, and fashionable designer versions. A backpack diaper bag is best because it distributes weight evenly across both shoulders, which is helpful when carrying a lot of items. It is also helpful to choose a bag that is easy to clean, as accidents are bound to happen.

Getting useful gifts for new parents can be difficult to figure out. Thankfully, first-time parents will appreciate any of these gifts at their baby shower. They are all useful for providing comfort and peace of mind in the newborn’s first few months.